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CPTED – Essential Tool for Conducting Comprehensive Security Risk Assessments & Security Designs

CPTED has become a specialized field of study focusing on design or re-design of the built environment to reduce crime opportunity. Modern CPTED incorporates five basic elements: Access Control; Surveillance; Territoriality; Maintenance and image improvement; and activity support. CPTED focuses on problem seeking and solving through a thorough risk assessment process and careful selection of mitigation options tailored to the design threat and problem solution. This CPTED process can be applied effectively to commercial and industrial environments, as well as to critical infrastructure. This presentation will explore the methodologies and applications for this best-practice approach to security design.


Mr John Knight CPP, PSP, Security Consultant, Risk Management International, Kingdom of Bahrain

John Knight is a Security Consultant with Risk Management International (RMI) in Bahrain. He has 35+ years of security experience in both US Government security assistance programs and private security organizations. He has extensive international security experience, having lived and worked in the Middle East, Asia and Europe for over 30 years. Mr. Knight holds a Master of Science degree in Security Management from Leicester University, England and a Bachelors of Arts from University of Texas in Russian Language & East European Studies. He is certified as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (ISC2), Certified Protection Professional and a Physical Security Professional (American Society for Industrial Security), and a CPTED Certified Practitioner (State of Florida). He is also a graduate of the United States Army Command & General Staff College.