CSO Roundtable Summit

Only the most senior security executivesfrom the world largets organizations are eligible to join the CSO Roundtable. ASIS will hold a CSO Roundtable Summit at the ASIS Middle East Security Conference and Exhibition on 22-23 February 2016, in parallel with the main educational sessions.

The summit is open to CSO Roundtable members and those who are eligible to join the CSO Roundtable. Eligibility criteria are outlined at the CSO Roundtable website.

Monday 22 February



Talking Turkey

Turkey's recent election returned the country to single party rule, with a presidential vision of Turkey as the dominant power of the Middle East. This session will look at changes in the country and at its challenges—from a society polarised between secularism and Islam, a fear of dictatorship, ISIS waging war on its borders, and Europe's call to stem the migrant crisis.

Andy Williams, CPP, Senior Partner, Temi Group Ltd.


Open Source Data and New Investigative Ideas

There are now more web pages than stars in the sky and a once-in-a-million event happens 770 times a day on Twitter. Yet, corporations are just beginning to understand the potential of online analytics to address risks and generate commercial advantage in an ethical and legal way. This presentation will introduce a number of powerful digital age methods to leverage traditional threat monitoring, due diligence and geopolitical analysis. We will also discuss how online analytics can fundamentally alter the traditionally accepted methods of managing corporate investigations.

Cameron Colquhoun, Managing Director, Neon Century Intelligence


Tuesday 23 February



The Iran Nuclear Deal and Other Regional Risks

How will the Iran nuclear deal effect security issues in the region? How are security conditions an issue for foreign companies in Iran? And how will Iran's internal situation impact other top geopolitical issues in the region? A distinguished panel of regional experts will examine these and other pressing regional challenges; bring your questions and opinions.

Tim Williams, Managing Director, Stirling Assynt; Henry Smith, Associate Director, Control Risks MENA


Leadership in Crisis: Reputation Management and Other Challenges

When crisis management focuses on manuals and procedures, a strategy and culture that could provide better results can suffer. This session will look at what has changed about the world that makes crises so much more challenging for corporations today, and discuss the mindset needed to lead an organization through a crisis in the new world.

Will Anderson, Director Abu Dhabi, Brunswick Group

If you are interested in attending these sessions, please RSVP to Michela Robinson, Strategic Operations Assistant at ASIS: michela.robinson@asisonline.org (with copy to middleeast@asisonline.org)