New and Emerging Identification Methods in Access Control

Today RFID is widely accepted as 'standard' technology in Access Control markets, but both within the industry and outside of it do we really understand the technology fully and do we know how it is manufactured, how passwords are stored on the media, is the information encrypted, how is it accessed, what are the various technologies on the market and do they differ?
This presentation looks deeper into access control as a concept, as a product and even as a service (ACaaS). Technology and its application develops quickly and the security & access markets must ensure they are using the right technology in the right application to ensure effective use, commercial viability and importantly that security levels are maintained at all times.


Paul Adams, Kaba, UK

Paul was educated at Stamford School, Lincolnshire, and after completing a degree in Industrial Technology and Management from the University of Bradford, Paul joined Thorn Lighting in 1981 then moving to KABA in 1990 as UK Sales Manager. He left in 1999 to gain experience in mobile computing with Apriso. Paul was invited to rejoin Kaba in 2002 to head up the Access & Workforce Management division of KABA Ltd. He is currently Head of Technology and Product Management focused on markets in the UK & Ireland, whilst occupying positions on group projects in Switzerland & Germany. He is a Director of the BSIA & Chairman of the Access Control and Asset Protection section.

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