Do you view an investigation as a risk worth mitigating?

With the global rise in cybercrime, there exists a risk that your organization's IT infrastructure will feature in a criminal investigation either as a victim or a suspect.   Whatever the scenario, your organisation will need to devote time and resources responding to the demands of law enforcement and prosecutors.

Using real world examples from Counter Terrorism and International organised crime investigations I will explain some of the possible risks and suggest control measures to mitigate them.


​Shaun Reardon, International Project Manager, One Voice AS, Norway

Shaun Reardon was a Scotland Yard detective for over 26 years and now works in Norway within emergency and crisis management.   He has a broad range of investigative experience but specialised in hi-tech and cyber investigations within Counter Terrorism, International organised crime, fraud and intelligence.

He was the lead technical investigator in Operation Overt, the terrorist plot to simultaneously bomb seven transatlantic airliners in 2006.

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