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Data Science and Machine Learning - the Key to Automating your Threat Management

​The ever growing and rapidly diversifying cyber threat environment remains a constant challenge. Security leaders must balance the management of unknown internal and external threats with the set of finite human skills and experience, budgets and technical resources at their disposal. With defence centric security postures continually proving to be fallible in the regular high-profile breaches made public, and post-event forensic approaches failing to provide timely insights before its too late, there is a fundamental need to change the prevailing cybersecurity mindset. Prevention is desirable but detection is a must.

Automated threat management from Vectra Networks is based upon advanced machine learning and data science, monitors both internal and external-bound network traffic, and performs real-time analysis to detect, rank and prioritise the risks from in-progress attack behaviours. This happens 24 x 7 x 365 and feeds security analysts with immediate actionable insight so that they can put their higher value, unique capabilities to work directly. In so doing security leaders can realise significant economic, efficiency and effectiveness gains in the security posture of their organisation.


Matt Walmsley, EMEA Director, Vectra Networks Inc., UK

Matt Walmsley is Vectra Networks’ marketing leader for Europe, Middle East and Africa. Matt has over 20 years’ experience in helping organisations deploy and secure their network infrastructure having worked in a variety of pre-sales consultancy and technical marketing roles for global technology companies such as Emulex / Endace, Hewlett Packard and 3Com. A self-professed “network guy” Matt joined Vectra Networks with a remit to help enterprises realise organisational gains and actionable security insights from automated real-time threat management solutions. Matt is based in the United Kingdom, holds a Masters in Business Administration, and is a member of Chartered Institute of Marketing.Vectra Network2_EU16.png