Talking Turkey - What's in store for where East meets West

Turkey's recent election returned the country to single party rule, with a presidential vision of Turkey as the dominant power of the Middle East. This session will look at changes in the country and at its challenges—from a society polarised between secularism and Islam, a fear of dictatorship, ISIS waging war on its borders, and Europe's call to stem the migrant crisis.


Andy Williams, CPP
Senior Partner, Temi Group, Turkey

Andy Williams is based in Istanbul with the global security risk management company, Temi Group. Prior to this he was Head of Security for TDIC – a UAE government entity engaged in master development of new city builds and tourism infrastructure This appointment was preceded by 15 years in the hospitality industry, principally with Marriott International- Ritz Carlton as a Regional Director of Loss Prevention within covering Europe Middle East and Africa. On the vocational front, Andy served as a Regional Vice President for ASIS International; is a member of The Security Institute, The Royal Society for Promotion and a former member of the European Institute of Corporate Security Management. He has also worked in liaison with: UK government NaCTSO - The EU Council and United Nations Intelligence Crime and Justice Research Unit on projects relating to counter terrorism and is also an Advisory Board Member of CSARN.