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Security Management in the Former Soviet Union - Threat Navigation for Multinationals

​Despite the economic and political difficulties of the past 18 months, the former Soviet Union has remained a profit generator for multinational business. As a result, the region continues to be of importance, but in an atmosphere of increased physical and political volatility. This presentation details the internal and external security management issues confronting businesses with operations in the CIS, in the current environment of heightened risk, and offers solutions to these problems. These range from questions of local legislation and culture, to the administrative and operational realities of running a security department in the former Soviet Union.


Dmitry Budanov
CEO, Elite Security Holding Company, Russia
Dmitriy Budanov has worked as a Security Manager for more than 20 years in corporate risk management, security consulting and security provision in the CIS and Eastern Europe. Prior to his CEO position at Elite Security, he worked in several large multinationals, including British American Tobacco and Novartis Pharma. During his career, which spans the entire development of the Russian market from its inception in the 1990’s, Mr Budanov has had a broad and thorough experience of professional security advisory, consulting for the business continuity, crisis and disaster management, information security, risk & crisis management, IP rights and countermeasures, control environment and fraud prevention and personnel protection, as well as supply chain and asset security.

Tim Bobak
Senior Consultant, Elite Security Holding Company, Russia
Tim Bobak has specialised in Russia and the former Soviet Union for eight years, with the last four spent in Moscow working in the security and investigations sector. During this period, he has worked on a range of crisis management and internal investigations cases in a number of sectors throughout the former Soviet Union. Prior to joining IRIS and the Elite Security Holding, Mr Bobak graduated University College, London. He is fluent in Russian.