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Risks and Challenges of Securing a Dedicated Scientific Research Facility in Central London

The Francis Crick Institute is an exciting project to create a world leading multi-disciplinary biomedical research institute, bringing together the MRC, National Institute for Medical Research and the CR-UK London Research Institute with UCL, Imperial and King’s and top scientists from around the world. This presentation will highlight the security risks, threats and challenges involved in building a ‘New Build Institute ’ in the heart of London when the overriding factor is one of producing a building that the purpose of is to provide safety, security and comfort for workers, systems and goods which occupy the building.


David Clark, PCI, CPP, PSP
Head of Security, The Francis Crick Institute, UK
David Clark, PCI, CPP, PSP, has been in the security industry for 21 years since leaving the army in 1993. He has held a number of senior security positions both within corporate organisations and in the private sector, he is currently Head of Security for the Francis Crick Institute, a brand new and unique scientific research centre in London which is due to open in early 2016. Previously, David has led on a number of Policing and Counter Terrorism initiatives in London’s South Bank and in recent years has designed and implemented executive protection and physical security programs for major companies in the UK and overseas including hostile environments. He is a member of ASIS, CSO Roundtable, AUCSO, PISF, PIIE, a committee member and secretary of the Project Griffin London Executive and current Chair of the Security Commonwealth on behalf of ASIS UK.