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Psychopaths in the Corporate World – Nightmare Dressed like a Daydream

The presentation will share some light into the world of psychopaths. Well known term from the movies, but often not recognized properly in the corporate arena. We will define the characteristics of psychopaths and look at what recent studies have discovered. Defined as “Snakes in suits” are major risk for any organization that employs them, yet some highly functioning psychopaths manage to climb up the corporate ladder through superficial charm, grandiose sense of self worth, lies and deceit, manipulation and shear boldness. This is a crash course for any security professional on how to mitigate the risk created by psychopaths.


Totti Karpela
Director, Peace of Mind Threat Management Company ltd., Hong Kong
Mr. Karpela has 25 years of active law enforcement experience including a supervisorial role of a police threat management service. In his current occupation, Mr. Karpela is the CEO of a threat management company based in Hong Kong. Mr. Karpela has served as a subject matter expert for the European Council and with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe on the topic of violent crime prevention. He is currently living in Hong Kong.