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Panel Debate - Low Margins in the Manned Guarding Sector: a Problem with a Solution?

​The presence of low margins in the manned guarding sector is a common lament across Europe, and indeed across the world. This has manifested itself in guarding being considered a poorly paid, limited skills job – a last resort career choice. Contrast this with the reality that guard functions are key elements in security operations, are often the most visible element of private security and are the one that clients, customers and the general public personally interact with, and the issue is clear – we are dealing with a challenge to the public perception of the entire security profession. So where might the solutions be found? Is it a case of better or different regulation; better understanding of the economics of demand and supply; more emphasis on the value proposition (and if so what form should this take?); educating buyers (but about what issues precisely?)? In the short term are there better ways of coping with low margins? Where might we look for good examples and what do they teach us? These are just some of the issues that will be addressed in this interactive discussion.


Chair:  Prof. Martin Gill, Director, Perpetuity Research, UK

Claude Tarlet, President of the Private Security Companies Union, and of the National Alliance of Private Security Activities and Vice President of European Confederation of Security Services, France

Dirk Buerhaus, Managing Director & Director International Accounts, Koetter Security, Germany

Barrie Millett, Head of HSSE & Resilience, E.ON, UK