New Directions in Open Source Intelligence

The development of new collection tools, big data analysis and graphic displays have opened up a new world of intelligence collection, representation and comprehension. This coupled with the growth of open source information about individuals, groups and relationships has created a pool of information that can provide current and predictive intelligence. These changes create great opportunities, but also great risks, and this presentation will examine the opportunities for investigators, analysts and protective security officers from both sides of the equation with a comprehensive model and real life case studies.


Jason Brown
National Security Director, Thales, Australia
Jason Brown is the National Security Director for Thales in Australia and New Zealand. Prior to 2004 Jason had 27 years in Commonwealth Government with appointments which include; • Assistant Secretary - Defence Imagery and the Geospatial Organisation, • Director General - Safety, Compensation and People Development, • Assistant Secretary - Defence Security, and He has served on senior boards and committees in both the Public Sector and Private Institutions. Including; • Deputy Registrar Security Professionals Registry – Australasia (SPR-A). • Member of ASIS International Standards and Guidelines Commission 2007 to 2015. • Chair of Australian Standards Committee for Security. • Chair of the Australasian Council of Security Professionals 2009 - 2012. • Senior Regional Vice President ASIS International Group 20 2009 - 2012, Jason is a Fellow of the British Security Institute and ARPI, He was awarded the Australian Security Medal for Conspicuous Service in February 2011.