Insider Threat and Business Culture

It is widely acknowledged through a variety of research sources that insiders of all kinds are responsible for a large proportion of security breach that we have to deal with in both public and private sectors. But insiders, when properly trained could in fact be our finest first line defense. So why do so many organisations forget their people when it comes to security and how does the culture affect how people behave and how effective policies and procedures are when it comes to securing UK plc? Using quality research sources, this seeks to expose key vulnerabilities and identify actionable areas for all organisations to embrace.


Mike Gillespie MD
Director of Cyber Strategy & Research Advent IM, TheSecurity Institut, UK
Mike is an information security practitioner and CLAS consultant of many years’ standing and is well versed in the threat to organisational information assets. Mike is also a member of the CSCSS Global Cyber Security Select Committee. As a subject matter expert Mike is called upon regularly to speak at events and contribute editorial, most recently for the BBC and The Sunday Times as well as regular industry media.

Ellie Hurst
Media & Communications
Manager, Advent IM, UK
Ellie is a passionate security communicator with a brand background. After 11 years working with household names, she turned her experience to the security industry just over four years and has made it a mission to bring clear, actionable security communication to business.