How Far Will Islamic State Get?

Islamic State’s (IS) progress has been the result of a variety of factors but the resonance of its emotive rhetoric will ultimately be determined by its success on the ground. Its progress in Iraq and Syria remains critical but its prospects in other parts of the Middle East will determine how much of a regional force it can become and the threat it will pose to Western interest. The group is pursuing different strategies in different countries and its chances of seizing territory or generating real instability vary dramatically from one nation to another. This presentation will address the factors that will determine IS’s fate in key parts of the region and, ultimately, and the risks Europe will face.


Tim Williams
Managing Director, Stirling Assynt, UK
After joining Stirling Assynt in 2009, Tim became Director, Political & Security Risk in March 2011. While responsible for the Assynt Report and bespoke political and security risk projects, he presided over a significant growth in the business. On acquisition by Falanx Group Ltd in May 2013, Tim was appointed Managing Director of Stirling Assynt and is responsible for profit and loss across all the company's business lines. Tim previously worked at the Society of British Aerospace Companies, the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) and in a defence policy role for the Conservative Party. He has lectured widely on security issues, including at RSMF, the NATO School and Wilton Park, and remains an Associate Fellow of RUSI.