HR in Security: Commit to a Higher Standard

In today’s rapidly changing business environments, if you want to make an organization transformation, start with HR, make a massive change, renovate and shake up the HR shop. This presentation highlights the role of Human Resources in the transformation of security profession to achieve higher standards. Topics including skills seeking, culture diversity; reinforce women in lead and bridging the gaps between generations will be discussed throughout the presentation. With overall objective to understand what does the security profession needs today shedding some lights on the concept of Employee Value Proposition; Done by HR.


Alanood Alrabiah
Project Lead, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
Alanood Alrabiah is a Supervisor working for Industrial Security Operations at Saudi Aramco; where she was assigned supervisory positions in the development, procurement and support of IT based security systems. She has 10 years of project management experience on IT implementations where she led the team to implement new software solutions and enhance services procurement operational stability at Saudi Aramco in 2009. In her current role, Alanood is focused on studying the competencies gap, coaching others for high performance and team building. Alanood is Certified SAP Solution Consultant as well as Associate Member Certified by Business Continuity Institute (AMBCI). She holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Master Degree in Business Administration from University of Liverpool. Ms. Alrabiah has been a guest speaker for local and international security conferences. In 2014, she was appointed as the ASIS Women in Security Liaison of Saudi Arabia.