Duty of Care: Where Did It Come from, Where Is It Going?

Duty of Care is a legal concept that has been embraced by security risk managers. It is all about taking reasonable measures against reasonably foreseeable harm. But what is "reasonable" is hard to define. It is a nebulous concept that varies over time and place. This presentation reviews some of the key court cases that have shaped our notion of duty of care and projects current trends and assesses the impact of new technologies. It is a lighthearted presentation with serious intent designed to provoke thought and to entertain.


Mike Croll, CPP
Security Specialist, Public Sector Security, Belgium
Mike Croll works in international security risk management. He has run diplomatic security networks for the European Union and for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. He has lived and worked in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the USA and in Asia. He is also a former British Army Bomb Disposal Officer.