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Dealing with Insider Threat from Radicalization: “Employees Gone Rogue”

Given the impact of ISIL and their ideology, it is clear there is an increasing risk that organizations face when employees radicalize and become a potential terrorist threat. There are many examples that highlight this risk. Where vetting is still seen as an important safeguard to avoid recruiting potential terrorists, it is a wholly different story when employees radicalize. How to detect this, how to assess the risk, how to respond? When to report to the authorities? This is likely one of the bigger challenges of the coming decade.


Werner Cooreman, CPP, PSP
Vice President, Security Express Europe - DHL, Germany
Werner Cooreman CPP, PSP, has been Head of Security for DHL Express in Europe for the past 5 years, providing functional leadership for the European DHL airlines, Hubs and Gateway facilities, and Ground Operations across 47 countries. Previously Werner occupied international security roles in Supply Chain and Logistics, Utility and Retail. Prior to his career in the private industry, he was a career officer in the Belgian Military for 20 years, including assignments with the United Nation and NATO during the Balcan Wars in the nineties. Werner’s expertise covers a broad range of security areas, but he is mainly focussed on establishing and developing the security function in complex international environments, and is considered as a thought leader on security management. He is a member of ASIS Benelux, and Chairs the European Express Association Security Committee, next to being a Supervisory Board Member for the DHL Leipzig Hub GmbH.