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(Cyber) Security: Where & How Does It Fit in an Enterprise's Value-Chain?

One of the challenges facing the security practitioner/vendor/service provider has been how to convince the business leadership of the value of any investment into its’ security effort, whether it is protecting infrastructure, people or – more topically – information and particularly intellectual property. The lack of a quantifiable ‘value-add’ has frequently led to physical security being seen as a secondary activity of FM, while HR frequently resists any suggestion that it should own the background checking of staff despite the overlap with on-boarding; meanwhile, IT is often outsourced with little regard to security provisions. Security Managers need to show where & how their efforts support their enterprise's 'Value-Chain', using a business-oriented concept that is at the core of many MBA programmes as advocated by Harvard's Professor Michael Porter.


Alan Jenkins
MD & Principal Consultant, Cyber Security Pilotage Ltd, UK
Alan Jenkins is a charismatic and effective leader, with strong technical expertise across all security disciplines but particularly cyber accrued over 25+ years as a practitioner. He possesses broad experience in both private & public sectors and has a track record of devising and implementing strategic change programmes within the security, privacy & risk functions to deliver business benefit at optimum cost that is fit-for-purpose. He is a passionate supporter of Security Convergence and has served on ASIS Europe's related sub-committee for the past 3 years.