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Coping with Shock and Stress. What Part Does Organisational Resilience Play?

Guides and standards on Organisational Resilience are popular. We have the ASIS Practitioner’s Guide, British Standard 65000, and soon an International Standard (22316). However, there remains considerable scepticism about what added value resilience brings and whether resilience is anything more than business continuity in another guise. Even a definition is contentious. This presentation will review the characteristics of more resilient organisations and what businesses can do to build resilience. It will consider how integration of functions and convergence of skills can best deliver a holistic approach to managing crisis or change, and reduce uncertainty in a positive and proactive way.


Robert Hall
Director of Security & Resilience Network, London First, UK
Robert is Director of the Security & Resilience Network at London First. This is an independent, not-for-profit organisation promoting London as the best place to do business. Previously, he was Director of Resilience at G4S Risk Management Consulting but he has worked in the risk, security and resilience arenas in both the public and private sectors for many years. He has held senior positions in two FTSE-100 companies. He has also been Head of Analysis at a national intelligence agency, and Managing Editor of security titles at an international publishing company. Robert spent his early career in the military before moving into the commercial world. He has written and presented extensively on strategic risk and security issues. He is a member of both the Security Institute and the Business Continuity Institute. He was a member of the Editorial Board of the new British Standard on Organisational Resilience.