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Parallel Session Topics

Thursday 7 April 2016

09.00 - 10.00

Opening Session and Keynote Speaker

Mark Rowley, Assistant Commissioner for Specialist Operations, Metropolitan Police Services, UK

10:30 - 11:20

Panel Discussion: Securing the Internet of Security Things
Moderated by: Eric de Vries CPP, Regional Vice President, ASIS International, Netherlands
Philip Hoyer, Director Strategic Solutions - Strategic Innovation team, HID Global, UK
Sieger Volkers, Managing Director Security Management, Nedap, Netherlands
Atul Rajput, Regional Director, Northern Europe, Axis Communications, UK

Vulnerable to Global Shifts? How Prepared Are You for Future Trends

Nicolas Le Saux CPP, CEO, ATAO CONSULTING, France
Bruce Mcindoe, CEO, iJET, USA

Security systems as leverage of assurance on your Business

Genséric Cantournet, CSO, Radiotelevisione Italiana, Italy
Angela Pietrantoni, CEO, Scienze per la Sicurezza Consulting, Italy

11:25 - 12:15

Jihadi Terrorism in Europe 2016-2017

Glenn Schoen, CEO, Boardroom@Crisis, Netherlands

Data Loss Prevention Software - What Is It and Can It Help?

Jonathan Nicholas, Information Security Officer, General Dynamics European Land Systems, Switzerland

Panel Discussion: Making the Security Profession a First Choice Career for Young, Talented, Intelligent Individuals

Ben Suurd, Senior Security Advisor, Lares Integrated Security
James A. Butler, Managing Director, SMR Group, UK
Juan Muñoz, CPP, Co-Director of the ASIS/IE Business School, Spain
Patrick Hennies, Chief Security Officer, Henkel Group, Germany

13:30 - 14:20

Cyber Security Awareness: Challenges and Solutions

Prof. Dr. Fadi Aloul, Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, Director of the HP Institute, American University of Sharjah, UAE

Talking Turkey: What's in store for where East meets West

Andy Williams CPP, Senior Partner, Temi Group, Finland

New Directions in Open Source Intelligence

Jason Brown, National Security Director, Thales, Australia

Duty of Care: Where Did it Come from, Where Is it Going?

Mike Croll CPP, Security Specialist, Public Sector Diplomatic Security, UK

14:25 - 15:15 

The Internet of Things: Security and Privacy Implications

Radek Havlis CPP, VP Security Cooperation, Deutsche Telekom AG, Germany

Building an Integrated Security Risk Management Function Saving Regulatory Capital

Thomas Stubbings, Cybersecurity Representative of RBI Board, Raiffeisen Bank International AG, Austria

The Importance of Vendor and End User Engagement in Meeting Corporate Security Challenges

Kenneth Rohnert, Senior Investigations Operations Manager, Adidas Group, Germany
Andy Martin, Retail, Business Development Manager, Axis Communications, UK

Caveat Viator! - the Risks Facing Business Travellers and Their Employers

Rob Newman CPP, Senior Group Security Assessor, Johnson Matthey PLC, UK

15:45 - 16:35 

The Insider Threat and the Employment Lifecycle
Martin Smith, Chairman and Founder, The Security Company, UK

People, processes, IT – essential Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) principles and practices for an integrated approach to business risk in the age of the Internet of Things

Volker Wagner, Senior Vice President, Deutsche Telekom AG, Germany
Brian Allen CPP, Chief Security Officer, Time Warner Cable, USA
John Petruzzi CPP, VP, Enterprise Security Operations, Time Warner Cable, USA
James Willison, Founder, Unified Security Ltd, UK

An Approach to Global Supply Chain Security in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Tom Cochrane, Head Of Security Operations, Mundipharma International Ltd, UK

Risks and Challenges of Securing a Dedicated Scientific Research Facility in Central London

David Clark PCI,CPP, PSP, Head of Security, The Francis Crick Institute, UK

16:40 - 17:30

The True Value of Security, and Why It Has Been Undersold

Prof. Martin Gill, Director, Perpetuity Research, UK

Dealing with Insider Threat from Radicalization: “Employees gone Rogue”

Werner Cooreman CPP, PSP, Vice President, Security Express Europe - DHL, Germany

Security Management in the Former Soviet Union – Threat Navigation for Multinationals

Dmitry Budanov, CEO,Elite Security Holding Company,Russia
Tim Bobak, Senior Consultant, Elite Security Holding Company, Russia

Combating Human Trafficking in the Hotel Sector

Alexandros Paraskevas, Professor in Strategic Risk Management, University of West London (ICHARM), UK
Angela Roper, Professor in International Strategy and Director of the Research Centre, University of West London (ICHARM), UK

Friday 8 April 2016

09:00 - 10:00

Opening Remarks and Keynote Speaker

Juan-Carlos Pastor, PhD, Professor of Organisational Behavior, IE Business School, Spain

10:30 - 11:20

Panel Debate: Low Margins in the manned guarding sector: a problem with a solution?

Moderated by:  Prof. Martin Gill, Director, Perpetuity Research, UK
Claude Tarlet, President of the Private Security Companies Union, and of the National Alliance of Private Security Activities and Vice President of European Confederation of Security Services, France
Dirk Buerhaus, Managing Director & Director International Accounts, Koetter Security, Germany
Barrie Millett, Head of HSSE & Resilience, E.ON, UK

Savings on Security Do Not Equal Profits – How to Convince your Board

Lynn de Vries CPP, Partner, DutchRisk, Netherlands

Cyber Crime, Terrorism, Fraud: How Partnerships can assist in the Prevention and Detection

Don Randall, CEO, Don Randall Associates Limited, UK

11:25 - 12:15

Psychopaths in the Corporate World – Nightmare Dressed like a Daydream

Totti Karpela, Director, Peace of Mind Threat Management Company ltd., Hong Kong

From Value Creation to Value Destruction : Dangers in Managing Your Security Supplier

Stéphanie Bergouignan CPP, Partner, ATAO CONSULTING, France

Coping with Shock and Stress. What Part Does Organisational Resilience Play?

Robert Hall, Director of Security & Resilience Network, London First, UK

13:30 - 14:20

How Far Will Islamic State Get?

Tim Williams, Managing Director, Stirling Assynt, UK

(Cyber) Security: Where & How Does It Fit in an Enterprise's Value-Chain?

Alan Jenkins, MD & Principal Consultant, Cyber Security Pilotage Ltd, UK

The Security Manager Vs the Invisible Shark

Ken Livingstone, Director of Training, Linx International Group, UK

Location, Vocation, Relaxation: the Data Dripfeed Revealing your Every Move

Ken Munro, Senior Partner, Pen Test Partners, UK

14:25 - 15:15

Organisational Resilience –A Buzz Phrase or the Future of Effective Joined Up Risk Management

Barrie Millett, Head of HSSE & Resilience, E.ON, UK

From Big Data to Rich Data: How Data Analytics Add Value to Security Risk Management

Rainer Rex, Head of Corporate Security, Henkel Group, Germany
Patrick Hennies, Chief Security Officer, Henkel Group, Germany

HR in Security: Commit to a Higher Standard

Alanood Alrabiah, Project Lead, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia

The Modern Surveillance Threat: Examination of Traditional, New & Emerging Threats Faced By Modern Business

Jason Dibley, Technical Director, QCC Global Ltd, UK

15:45 - 16:35

Managing Risk Ethically

Kevin Macnish, Teaching Fellow and Consultant, University of Leeds, UK

Insider Threat and Business Culture

Mike Gillespie, MD / Director of Cyber Strategy & Research, Advent IM / TheSecurity Institut, UK
Ellie Hurst, Managing Director, Advent IM, UK

Utilising Nudge Theory and Behavioural Economics to Enhance Personal Development and Infl uence Decision Making
Mike Hurst, Managing Director, HJA Fire and Security, UK
Graham Bassett, Managing Director, GBR UK, UK

Security Operations from a Business Perspective
Dr. Marc Siegel, Commissioner, Global Standards Initiative, ASIS International, Belgium

16:40 - 17:30

Closing Session & Keynote Speaker:

Aimen Dean