CSO Roundtable Summit

​The CSO Roundtable - a members-only forum of senior security executives from the world's largest organisations - will hold its regional summit at the ASIS 15th European Security Conference & Exhibition on 6-8 April 2016.

The CSO Roundtable Summit is held in parallel with the main educational sessions and will cover a range of business and risk topics tailored to top security executives.

The summit is open only to paid CSO Roundtable members and those who are eligible to join the CSO Roundtable. Eligibility criteria are outlined at the CSO Roundtable website.

If you are interested in attending these sessions, please RSVP to Michela Robinson, Strategic Operations Assistant at ASIS: michela.robinson@asisonline.org (with copy to europe@asisonline.org).

Thursday 7 April

The Role of Businesses in Mitigating Terrorist Threats
10:30 - 11:20

Private-sector organisations have security teams that live on the front lines of man-made and natural disasters. Good business and security practices can help these teams to help public-sector respondents when disaster strikes. This session, led by a former chief inspector of the Metropolitan Police Service who now runs security for a multinational company, will discuss strategies for combining counterterrorism policy with business practices.

Juliet McKane, Worldwide Safety and Security Senior Manager, Dassault Systemes UK Ltd, UK

Securing Properties in City Centre Locations
11:25  - 12:15
Organisations face a unique set of challenges when they are located in the heart of a city, from the threat of protesters who can easily disappear into the crowd to the need to have open doors that could let in people with bad intentions. In this session, three CSOs who oversee institutions in the heart of London will discuss their challenges and how they’ve approached solutions.

David Clark CPP, PCI, PSP, Head of Security, The Francis Crick Institute, UK
David Bilson CPP, MBA, Head of Security and Visitor Services, The British Museum, UK
William Lyle, Head of Security, King’s College London, UK

Friday 8 April

Europe in a Time of Change and Crisis: Insights from European CSOs
10:30 - 12:15
A refugee crisis. A potential Brexit. Mass attacks in Paris. Is Europe still a safe place to do business?
Bring your questions and your perspective to this CSO-only session, and hear how these and other
challenges are aff ecting European CSOs and their organisations. Attendees will hear from a panel of CSO Roundtable Members.

David Clark CPP, PCI, PSP, Head of Security, The Francis Crick Institute, UK
Mike Croll CPP, Security Specialist, Public Sector Security, UK
Dr. Thomas Stubbings, Cybersecurity Representative of RBI Board, Rai eisen Bank International AG, Austria
Volker Wagner, Senior Vice President, Deutsche Telekom AG, Germany