Security Awareness - Sharing Best Practices

​In an environment that has different kinds of production plants, also dealing with hazardous materials or represent critical infrastructure it is comparatively easy to convey the importance of security. Where Intellectual Property is the prevailing asset, security awareness is often underestimated. Regular ISO 27001 audits tend to create a wrong sense of security, whereby the feeling “we are audited, everything is fine” leads to lack of attention. Lessons learned from a number of security awareness initiatives have lead to a positive approach addressing the topic while avoiding to “step on peoples toes” thus getting their buy-in to a great extent.

Hans-Roland is currently the Head of Regional Security Services GFM EMEA at SAP SE. He holds a Masters Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and first pursued an international career as an expert in computerized process control. In a lateral career step Hans-Roland changed to Enterprise Security and over some 20 years took on varying responsibilities, e.g. managing physical security projects, quality management, assitant to the CSO, SPOC travel security and conducting security awareness campaigns. Hans-Roland currently serves as ASIS International Regional Vice President (9E Europe). He also sits on the chamber of commerce’s examination panel for security practitioner’s basic and advanced certificate.

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