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Using War Games to Effect Change in Organisations Resilience

In order to develop ‘preparedness’ and resilience, the banking sector is turning to Cyber War Games. The presentation will show that cyber war games examine how appropriate, complete, and effective response & contingency plans are by staging a serious of controlled technical attacks to mimic the methods of advanced attackers. By escalating the ‘war,’ the aim is to identify the factors and conditions under which resilience fails. In doing so a core goal is to elevate, awareness, understanding, and the ability to respond to a complex attack. Beyond developing the requisite knowledge, managing a crisis requires very effective processes adaptable to changing circumstances. The War Game not only tests the effectiveness of process and procedure, but examine the organization and management of those processes.

Presented by: Dan Solomon, Director, Cyber Risk & Security Services, Optimal Risk Management Ltd, UK

Dan Solomon leads an experienced team of security professionals experienced globally in testing and building cyber and physical security. He is a specialist cyber risk practitioner and has written and presented regularly about cyber and converged security risk particularly for critical national infrastructure sectors.