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Unnoticed Crisis Industrial Espionage: Professional Attacks with IT and Non-IT Means

Beginning with a technical detailed description of some anonymized cases of our forensic experience we will show a classification of industrial espionage cases and attacker types. Based on our recent survey "Industrial Espionage 2014: Cybergeddon of the German Economy due to NSA & Co.?" and the aftermath of our cases the talk will then describe the possible problems of professional espionage including the problem of correct attribution of the attackers. This will be the motivation for an explanation why a case of industrial espionage is indeed a veritable crisis and requires a crisis management team consisting of members of multiple disciplines. We will also describe the specialities of such crisis (keywords: detection and visibility) and what companies should do to prepare for such cases.

Presented by: Florian Oelmaier, Head of IT-Security and Computer Crime, Proxy Holder, Corporate Trust

Florian currently serves as head of IT-Security and Computer Crime and as Proxy Holder for Corporate Trust. Florian's special expertise are current attacks on IT applications and computer networks. In the past he worked for Fraunhofer, a major German bank and a large system integrator. He conducted penetration tests, source code reviews and designed the security of various software projects. Currently he is mostly working in forensic cases of industrial espionage, computer or white collar crime. Florian is member of the national expert team on Cyber security of the BSI and publishes articles and gives talks on a regular basis.