Terrorism@Europe 2015-2016

As the terrorist threat in Europe associated with Jihadi extremist elements continues to evolve, associated challenges for security managers are mounting. This presentation aims to provide a number of clear reference points and conclusions to help security managers prepare for what may lie ahead for Europe into mid-2016. This includes consideration of the indirect effects of threats that might require extra attention, including in such areas as threat alert systems, social media, false alarm situations, screening, government and community relations and cyber concerns. The presenter will draw on nearly three decades of international experience in counter-terrorism study and risk management for several countries and over two hundred companies.

Presented by: Glenn Schoen, Director of G4S Risk Advisory, G4S, Netherlands

Glenn C. Schoen (1963) is Director of G4S Risk Advisory in Amsterdam. An American born and raised in the Netherlands, he has had a varied career to date that began with law enforcement and progressed to security analysis, consulting and management. Prior to joining G4S in 2010 Mr. Schoen worked for International Security Management, TranSecur and Ernst & Young. He is a long-time specialist in terrorism and security management. Secondary activities include having served as a volunteer at the White House, a lecturer at Georgetown University’s SSCE program, and membership in various national and international security advisory panels, including OSAC and the United Nations’ ICRI.