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Social Media - How Does Policing Respond to Mass Data in Crisis?

Theme of this presentation is to examine how social media during a time of crisis impacts and effects the response of law enforcement and governments. It will show the audience what is available online, how it can assist an investigation but also quickly swamp the authorities with millions of bits of data. How do we assess this meaningfully to aid the crisis response ? The Purpose of the presentation is through comparison of recent events, examine how social media during crisis affects the response of police and governments, and how monitoring social media in advance can predict and prevent a major crisis and give the authorities a planning window to prepare a suitable response.

Presented by: Commander Christopher Greany, Association of Chief Police Officers – ACPO, United Kingdom

Commander Chris Greany, currently leads the UK National Police Coordination Centre (NPoCC) coordinating UK policing assets for major emergencies, crisis and investigations. NPoCC also coordinates Disaster Victim Identification. Mr Greany was formally the National Coordinator for Domestic Extremism, working to prevent attacks and serious criminality from extremist groups. He led the investigative response into the 2011 London disorders, which ultimately led to the arrest of over 5000 people. He has pioneered the use of social media analytics to prevent crime and disorder and has developed this technology to predict and prevent crime. He was worked previously in counter terrorism, security and intelligence and also led the personal protection of two British Foreign Secretarys'.