Social Identity in Crowd Control: Beyond Social Media

Effective crowd control requires situational awareness on the crowd. Recent scientific insights point to “social identity” as one of the key crowd parameters. What is the relevance of social identity, how can information about social identities be used for effective crowd control, and what is the state of the art in surveillance systems for assessing social identity? Is there more than social media? How invasive is the monitoring of social identity of a person or group?

Presented by: Jeroen van Rest Sr, Consultant, TNO, Netherlands

Jeroen van Rest MSc. is based at TNO The Hague, The Netherlands. He has a background in Computer Science and presently holds a position as senior consultant in the field of security, sensors and privacy. He is a member of the Surveillance working group of the ERNCIP network. In the past ten years Jeroen has worked in the areas of fighting child pornography, security of soccer stadiums, high-risk objects, terrorist threats on urban environments, harbor security and airport security. He contributes from a knowledge in the fields of artificial intelligence, ICT, system engineering, signal theory, decision theory, behavioral psychology and privacy. He is the lead consultant or project leader in several recent projects about deviant behavior, privacy-by-design, surveillance metadata and the security roadmap of the Dutch topsector High-tech Systems & Materials.