Social Engineering - a Powerful Investigative Tool

Sometimes investigators arrive at a point where an openly conducted interview is doomed to fail. You know that the subject’s answer will be a lie when you state the real purpose of the interview. This obstacle can be overcome by the powerful tool of social engineering. Psychological techniques of social engineering allow the investigator to create pretexts in order to trick the subject. Misled by a “good story” the subject is encouraged to freely reveal valuable pieces of information that would have been withheld otherwise. The presentation points out the psychological key elements of social engineering. It furthermore gives a guideline on how to create pretexts for investigative purposes.

Presented by: Bernhard Maier, Owner, BM-Investigations E.U., Austria

Bernhard Maier studied political sciences and journalism in Vienna, Austria and graduated with theses about political aspects of organised crime. He was licensed as a private investigator and security agent in 1998 and founded his agency BM-Investigations the same year. The agency mainly serves clients from the financial industry conducting asset tracing, fraud investigations and work place investigations. As an expert witness Bernhard Maier consults Austrian courts and authorities. He is a regular speaker at Vienna based detective academy Eurodet and a certified risk manager.