Protecting Soft Targets from Hardline Terror

As the threat of terrorism grows, so does the threat against soft targets in populated areas. This presentation deals with options to integrate all the tools at the security managers disposal as well as presenting models for close cooperation between private and government sectors in order to maintain civil liberties whilst protecting the public. This is largely based on homeland security as in Israel, and adapted to Europe both from a legal and cultural aspect.

Presented by: Ivor Terret, Director of Training and Specialized Consulting, AS Solution, Israel

Ivor Terret brings over 20 years of experience in international security operations, training and consulting in both the government and private sectors. His specialties are in executive protection, covert protection, surveillance/surveillance detection and counter terrorism. He is currently based in Israel where he was a founding member, team leader and instructor of a government surveillance detection and covert protection unit specialising in all areas of surveillance and protection. In addition to consulting and operations, Ivor has instructed hundreds of government and private sector students on topics such as; executive protection, high-risk facility security, surveillance/surveillance detection, aviation security and counter terrorism. He has designed and implemented security master plans for counter terrorism units and high-risk facilities. Ivor continues to participate on many executive protection and specialized security operations in both consulting and operational capacities.