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Large Scale Fraud and Corruption Investigations - A Practitioner’s View on International Trends and Hot Topics

Fraud and corruption are facts of business life. Throughout the world, white-collar crime has become a lightning rod for governments, regulators, shareholders and the public. As fraudsters are finding ever more complex methods for illicit activities, you need to remain vigilant and find effective ways to safeguard the security and integrity of your enterprise and its value. Allegations of potential misconduct need to be investigated. Regulators are adopting a more aggressive stance which includes incentivizing whistleblowers and mandating that companies must have adequate procedures in place to prevent fraud, bribery and corruption. Additionally, due to restricted growth potential, many companies are seeking new and higher risk markets to expand into.

Future investigations will involve higher volume of data due to technological trends. Stronger international involvement and business complexity call for investigative measures beyond borders. Many organizations may have an “it doesn’t happen here” attitude. However, to make a realistic proactive assessment of fraud risks, you must answer the difficult question of “how could it happen here?”

The lecture will therefore inter alia highlight the following trends and hot topics based on real life cases:

  • Legal requirements
  • Levels of enforcement
  • The first 48 hours of an investigation
  • Common pitfalls
  • Electronic data – finding the needle in the haystack
  • Cross-border challenges

Presented by: Christian Muth, Partner, Assurance | Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services, Compliance Management Services (FIDS), Ernst & Young, Germany

Christian is a Partner at Ernst & Young/EY Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services. A social scientist by academic and a military intelligence officer by professional background his career comprises more than12 years of investigative/intelligence work experience. During his time with EY Christian has participated in, run and managed some of Germany’s largest investigations into corporate and/or personal misconduct.