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Kidnap for Ransom-How Specialized Consultancies Can Help Your Organization

The role of the Crisis Management Team kicks in as soon there is a confirmed kidnap, extortion or wrongful detention. The objective is to show that mindful, cross functional and cross departmental preparedness before a situation can help to reduce response time, enable business continuity plus give a strong signal to the employees that "duty of care" is not just a phrase but an attitude. Responsible management should invest time and resources into a system that reduces the likelihood of a kidnap through professional prevention, training for travelling employees and forward-thinking analysis and situational awareness.

Presented by: Jan Kestner, Crisis Consultant, red24, Deutschland, part of red24 PLC, Germany

Jan Kestner is a former Lieutenant Commander in the German Navy’s specialized forces, with a specialty in anti-terrorism and boarding operations. He has 20 years of experience in the kidnap for ransom, extortion and piracy fields and has been involved in cases in a number of regions, including Europe and Africa. His current projects – next to responding to KRE and extortion cases worldwide – involve organizational development, crisis management training and contingency planning projects.