Internal Investigations in a Corporate Environment

Make the audience aware of the many different aspects of internal investigations within mid- to big sized companies, that have be taken into account for a successful course and result of the investigation. As the presentation is given from both the angle of investigation management and corporate legal perspective, the 'traditional' friction between investigators and lawyers is illustrated and in that way strives to be a best practice for all functions involved in internal investigations. The words of a famous popsong are used as cement to connect the many different elements of internal investigations.

Presented by: Eric Strootman, Investigation Manager, ING Bank, Netherlands, and
Rene Van den Bosch, Senior Legal Counsel, ING Bank, Netherlands

Eric Strootman (speaker 1) has 25 years of experience in conducting and managing (fraud) Investigations. After serving in public functions as a police detective and other law enforcement agencies, he joined the financial industry in 1999. Eric conducted global fraud investigations for ING Bank for 7 years. As of 2006 Eric is managing the internal investigation department of ING Bank. Eric holds a master degree (MSc) in Security and Risk Management.