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"Hello, My Name Is Dave and I'm Here to Help" - An introduction to Hostage/Crisis Negotiation

An introduction to Hostage and Crisis Negotiation. Understanding the value of effective negotiation in a law enforcement context, why we negotiate and what can be achieved. Understanding whats being said as opposed to what you think is being said and understand the reasons behind it. Understand how to bring about behavioural change and how do we effectively influence those around us and above us and gain that trust and support needed to drive through a protective security program Understanding persons in crisis and why they behave in the way they do and how to make a real difference if confronted by a suicidal person. Hostage negotiation on the global stage and the growing market in hostages.

Presented by: David Hurley, Head of Operational Security and Risk, Fujitsu, England

A recently retired senior Scotland Yard detective. An Intelligence, Security and Risk Manager, with an extensive counter corruption, major crime and financial investigation background working within both public and private sectors, government departments, security services and the military. With 20 years’ experience is a subject matter expert in crisis intervention and negotiation, having traveled extensively both nationally and internally in response to kidnap for ransoms. Significant experience of training hostage and crisis negotiation to law enforcement agencies nationally and internationally on behalf of Scotland Yard. He is a graduate of the FBI Academy Quantico.

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