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Are All Your Organisation’s Security Systems Secure from a Cyber Attack? The Converged Response

Almost every day there is a news story covering some kind of cyber-attack. This can result in financial fraud, business disruption, terrorism and cyber warfare. The criminal exploits any weakness in a system and now this includes all of the Organisation’s Security Systems. Can you be certain that all your systems are secure from this kind of threat? This session will draw on the expertise of the panellists who will explore how to identify the risks and implement converged strategies which will mean that in the event of a cyber-attack you will be much better prepared and can respond efficiently.

Presented by: Dave Tyson, Senior Director, Global Information Security, Business Process & Technology, S C Johnson & Son Inc, USA; and
Volker Wagner, Senior Vice President, Deutsche Telekom AG, Germany; and
James Willison, Founder, Unified Security Ltd, United Kingdom

Dave Tyson is an Enterprise Security Senior Executive with 28 years’ experience. Mr. Tyson has Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) specializing in Digital Technology Management, is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and is Board Certified in Security Management, and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). Dave is frequent speaker at conferences and education events in North and South America, ASIA and Europe. He has published dozens or articles in industry magazines and published the first book on Security Convergence via Butterworth Heinemann: Security Convergence: Managing Enterprise Security Risk. Dave is a member of the Board of Directors for ASIS International and a member of the advisory board for Henley Putnam University.


Since 2008 Volker has been in charge of the realignment of Group Business Security at Deutsche Telekom AG. As Senior VP he deals internationally with the group’s security and Business Continuity Management and is therefore responsible for business security in over 50 countries. He as well held leadership functions in the areas of finance, sales and audit. Volker Wagner is the chairman of the German Association for Security in Industry and Commerce (ASW) and a board member of German Association for Security in the Economy North Rhine-Westphalia (VSW-NW) and the Committee on Security Issues (AfS) of the Federation of German Industry (BDI). Internationally he is engaged in the ASIS International organisation where he is a member of the German Chapter, the international CSO Roundtable and the European Convergence Subcommittee. In 2010 Volker Wagner attended the Federal College for Security Studies in Berlin and holds a Business Management degree.


James Willison is vice chair of the ASIS European Convergence/ESRM subcommittee and has been a member of ASIS since April 2003. He worked in the Physical Security Industry for 15 years and as Founder of Unified Security Ltd now specialises in the Converged security area. Since 2002 he has worked closely with global security leaders from the traditional and digital arena and has a Master’s degree from Loughborough University for his research on, “The case for the Integration of Corporate Physical and IT security.” He is also Convergence Project Lead for the Information Security Awareness Forum, a member of the Security Institute and ISC(2) London and an Imbert Prize winner.