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Applied Alternative Analyses; An Innovative Step for Security Professionals

We need to focus more on organizational innovations in security. The complexity of companies increases. Management decisions cannot be based on a singular operational conclusion. Networked systems, cybercrime, social media make it difficult to decide what’s important and challenging to develop an effective security strategy. At the same time security (professionals) seem to be held hostage by the adagio of ever increasing security measures. But more does not always mean better security. And annually increasing (security) budgets are history anyway! Embedding intelligence in corporate security functions will achieve a better security balance. This presentation will provide you practical, innovative tools.

Presented by: Erik de Vries, Director, DutchRisk bv, Netherlands

Erik de Vries, CPP, is owner/director of DutchRisk BV, partner in European Security Academy and chairman of the ASIS Benelux chapter. He advises, trains and coaches clients (varying form multinationals to SME’s) to balance their risks with their security ambition. An important part of his work is coaching security departments to develop a 21st century security strategy. Following a fifteen-year career as officer in the Royal Dutch Army and a three-year intermezzo selling timesharing and living in Indonesia, Erik has more than sixteen years of experience in the security profession. His experience includes several operational roles in G4S, including Prisons and Consultancy. Erik has ten years of experience conducting CPP certification courses. He also develops strategic security courses, for example the Master Class Protective Intelligence. He coaches security managers and management teams as an independent consultant on strategic risk & security related issues including crisis management.