​​Session 2 - Dan Solomon - Using War Games to Effect Change in Organisations Resilience

Session 3 - Geert Coremans, CPP - Crisis Management and Country Evacuation Planning – Planning to Go Further Than the Parking Lot.

Session 5 - Bernhard Maier - Social Engineering - a Powerful Investigative Tool

Session 6 - Dmitry Budanov - Globalisation and the impact onto Security Provision in the Russian Federation

Session 7 - Prof. Martin Gill - What do you get from good security thatyou don’t get from bad?

Session 8 - Bill Enright, PCI - Hotel Security Are You the Soft Target?

Session 9 - Dr. Teemu Santonen - Security Industry Trends – Anticipating the Key Drivers and
Developments of the Security Industry

Session 12 - Nicole Stracke - Islamic State in Iraq: Causes for Success and Challenges Facing the Region

Session 13 - Jeroen Van Rest Sr. - Social Identity in Crowd Control: Beyond Social Media​

Session 14 - Mike Hurst and Graham Bassett - Develop Your Personal Brand and Enhance Your Career 2.0

Session 16 - Erik​ De Vries, CPP - Applied Alternative Analyses; An Innovative Step for Security Professionals

Session 21 - Sascha Teifke and Uwe Röninger - Best Practice: Creating Corporate Security Attention & Visibility within Organisations

Session 23 - ​Tim WIlliams - The Rise of the Jihadists - the Second Stage of the Arab Spring

Session 24 - Malcolm Smith -Value Based Security Procurement

Session 25 - Hans-Roland Ludwig - Security Awareness- Sharing Best Practices​

Session 26 - Volker Wagner, Dave Tyson CPP, James Willison - Are All Your Organisation’s Security Systems Secure from a Cyber Attack? the Converged Response

Session 27 - Florian Oelmaier - Unnoticed Crisis Industrial Espionage: Professional Attacks with IT and Non-IT Means - a 2014 Update

Session 28 - Neil Marshall - Current and Emerging Trends in China

Session 29 - Frank Ewald and Tobias Larsson - How to set up security management for managing supply chain risks in the 21st century

Session 30 - Martin Smith MBE - Internet Addiction Disorder - Cyber Junkies, Social Media
Obsessives, Online Gamblers and Cybersex Nuts

Session 31 - Jan Kestner - Kidnap for Ransom-How Specialised Consultancies Can Help Your Organis​ation

Session 33 - Jason Brown - A Global Competency Model for Security Professionals

Session 34 - Rowena Fell,CPP - A Pharmaceutical’s Approach to Mitigating the Insider Threat

Session 35 - Eric Strootman and Rene Van den Bosch - Internal Investigations in a Corporate Environment

Session 37 - Corin Dennison, CPP - Investigative Interviewing - Interrogation or Conversation with a Purpose?

Session 38 - Roy Stranden, CPP - A New Standard On Security Risk Analysis - Breaking The Mold

Session 39 - Dr Marc SIegel and Allison Wylde - Security, Risk and Resilience Standards Changing the Business Landscape