TST Biographies and Abstracts

Session 25

Asset Control the Missing Piece of Access Control

Speaker: Stephanie Hensler, International Channel Manager, Traka, United Kingdom

The benefits of controlling access to keys and valuable pieces of equipment (assets), and fully extending access control functionality and security solutions to keys and equipment. Traka key and equipment vending systems, dynamically integrate with access control systems such Nedap AEOS and Lenel Onguard allowing users to control the use of keys for vehicles and property, as well as equipment such as laptops, radio handsets and mobile data terminals with the knowledge that only authorized users have access. Such integration ensures user accountability, by providing an audit of every key or piece of equipment used and most importantly by whom.

Biography - Stephanie Hensler
Stephanie Hensler is Traka’s International Channel Manager, previously Director EAC OEM Sales with ASSA ABLOY Americas. Stephanie brings strength and depth in building OEM and distributor channels having successfully built ASSA ABLOY Americas enterprise access control OEM business over a 5 year period. Stephanie’s commercial acumen is built upon a successful career through progressively senior roles in product management with blue-chip software and systems companies including CBORD/Diebold Inc., Bioscrypt and Agile1.

Session 26

Panomera® – new dimensions in video security

Speaker: Bernhard Kroher, Sales Manager, Dallmeier Electronic, Germany

The patented multifocal sensor system Panomera® is a completely new camera technology. Unlike single sensor cameras, Panomera® functions with multiple lenses with different focal lenghts. Therefore large areas and distances can be monitored from a single installation point – in real time with constant resolution, high dynamic and consistent depth of field.

Panomera® is extremely economical in terms of bandwidth: enormously fast data rates are transmitted with very low network burden. With extreme light sensitivity and a wide dynamic range, the camera provides high-quality images even in low-light conditions. The camera conforms to the Onvif standard and can also be integrated in standard management systems.

Session 27

Video Security – Not Only Moving Pictures

Speaker: Rainer Kloeckner, Area Manager Western Europe, Geutebrück, Germany

The presentation shows the usage of video pictures as part of the hole security system and not only in a CCTV environment, where you only watch the pictures. It’s about the usability today and the importance of the right video management system to manage all of the thousands of upcoming data. Today you need a powerful alarm management and a detailed documentation about what happened when and where. Best of all is, when the right information is always provided at just the right time. Nothing less and nothing else.

Session 28

PSIM – Fantasy or Reality

Speaker: Peter Stiphout, Product Manager Integrated Solutions Continental Europe, Tyco, Netherlands

PSIM has always been a key topic at ASIS meetings. Lately it has started getting real momentum, possible driven by more ‘light-versions’ making it more assessable to smaller scale security challenges. Implementing it on a smaller scale can offer you benefits of getting used to new possibilities, however, when the systems are not scalable to your long term integration expectations, it might be an expensive side-road. Analyzing security risks, costly security operations, avoiding business interruptions and using the PSIM data in core business processes, will give you the inside of a complete different investment model, where costs can be reduced by lowering reoccurring OPEX and CAPEX. Extending these topics which some practical tips and tricks in the implementation and execution phase, this session could be your starting point looking at PSIM usage from a different perspective.

Session 29

Remain secure in an ever changing world

Speaker: Jos van Nederpelt, Business Development Manager, Nedap Security, Netherlands

Banks, hospitals, enterprises and public venues are facing constant threats to their security. New legal restrictions, cybercrime, the conversion of IT and physical security; all of these challenge our customers and their security systems, daily. The choice for the best security solution is therefore not an easy one. As part of our mission of never-ending service, we want to share our vision on today’s security industry with you, trusting we can provide new insights into security management, thereby easing decision making with regards to your own security systems.

Session 30

Safety Security Incident Management SSIM®

Speaker: Dave van der Poel, Sales Account Manager & Senior Trainer, Griffid, The Netherlands

With the SSIM® application (Safety Security Incident Management) Griffid provides a high-end solution for alarm control rooms offering them a convenient dashboard that informs them what action is needed to combat incidents at the earliest possible stage.

Session 31

Man vs. Machine

Speaker: Edwin Beerentemfel, Manager Business Development, Middle Europe, Axis Communications, The Netherlands

Today we are looking for a safer and smarter world. What is the best way to provide that? A lot more money is being spend on guards and police than on electronic security. What is the best way to provide safety and what other technologies might replace us?

The biggest competitor of technology is traditional security measures like officers, guards … in short humans. Who is likely to be the better security measure?

Session 32

Smart systems – how to increase efficiency and reduce costs

Speaker: Klaus Lienland, Director Business Development EMEA, Bosch Security Systems, Germany

Modern IP systems offer huge possibilities for security practitioners to add further value to their company. Continuously higher resolution reduces the number of cameras needed; integration of several security and safety systems into one creates completely new use cases. Benefiting from the new possibilities – and at the same time definitely reducing total costs of ownership. High resolution cameras increases costs for bandwidth and storage exponential – that’s why we share our experience on how to keep the performance up, and cost low. We look at the complete flow from scene to screen. This includes transmission, recording, viewing and forensic search in one smart system. Integrating Video or other systems like Access Control, Fire or Evacuation together in an automated system leads to higher security and safety – and reduces costs as well. Not only ultra-light sensitive cameras are needed. It requires a deep knowledge of the complete flow from scene to screen, including intelligent analyze, transmission, recording, viewing and forensic search. Bosch will share its knowledge about it, shows real examples.

Session 33

The Benefits of Open Unified Security Solution

Speaker: Anthonie van der Ploeg, Regional Sales Manager, Benelux, Genetec, The Netherlands

New threats need of early identification and demand of simple infrastructure bring us to combine and integrate different technologies under one Open Unified Security platform enabling users to gather information, to take accurate decisions and simplify the needs of dedicated infrastructure.

Session 34

Corporate Espionage Overview

Speaker: Jason Miles Dibley, Technical Director, QCC Interscan Ltd, UK

Jason Dibley Technical Director at QCC Global investigates some of the traditional, new and emerging technical surveillance threats faced by modern business, examining how modern technology can be used to spy on commercial entities, and steps that can be taken to protect from corporate espionage attacks.

Biography - Jason Dibley
Jason Dibley is the technical director of QCC Global Ltd, a leading global TSCM and security testing provider for large commercial and government entities. He has been active in countering espionage operations for the last 14 years and constantly evolves new procedures and solutions for emerging surveillance threats. He is security cleared and is a founder member of the Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Institute (TSCMi) a body of excellence within the TSCM industry.

Session 36

AllinView. An All-Around View for Integral Security

Speaker: Dr. Eugène de Geus, Managing director SmarterVision, The Netherlands

The AllinView is a completely new 360° camera system which is completely integrated in a modular mast, making it unobtrusive and fitting to any environment. The camera system delivers a high resolution 360° stream for combined undistorted PTZ views and simultaneous video-content analysis all around. The AllinView is made possible through a combination of A. Hak Telecom’s network infrastructure experience and SmarterVision’s image handling and video-content analysis expertise.

Session 38

Market leadership through innovation

Speaker: Coen van Luijken, Director Business Development, Trigion, Netherlands

Conference partner Trigion clarifies it’s market leadership through innovation. In this timeslot Mr. Coen van Luijken (director business development) presents the company’s vision on innovation in the security marketplace. His speech contains proven innovative concepts, of which several are integrated in the security measures surrounding the European Security Conference & Exhibition. All innovation and proven concepts are part of an ongoing evolution of integral security solutions. Before concluding the session with room for questions and discussion, Mr. Van Luijken outlines the most important opportunities for secure innovations in the years to come.

Session 39

Drones and Security

Speaker: Willem Tjipjes, Member of the board, TrackSparrow Airborne Surveillance, The Netherlands

Tactical drones are primarily used by the military in conflict- and war zones around the globe. Their endurance, speed, flexibility and powerful sensors offer unique capabilities that can be true value-multipliers in the civil security market. TrackSparrow Airborne Surveillance makes military technology available to your mission through their Airborne Surveillance service model. The use of tactical drones offers new business development possibilities for security service providers and also reduces cost. However, the legislative framework is very complex and there are some limiting factors to consider. This briefing brings you up to speed with what you need to know in just 20 minutes.

Session 40

The Human Firewall: Cyber Strength or Cyber Weakness?

Speaker: Mike O'Neill, Managing Director, Optimal Risk Management, United Kingdom

Session 41

The Need for Private Communications

Speaker: Paul Wood, Director of EMEA Operations/ Strategist Partnerships, Silent Circle, UK

Are you concerned about your privacy, identity theft, or corporate eavesdropping? Who's listening in on your private calls? Silent Circle is a global private communications service providing a revolutionary device to device platform enabling private and secure communications via voice, video, text and file transfer on mobile devices. Silent Circle was co-founded by Mike Janke, former Navy SEAL and security specialist; Phil Zimmermann, the world famous creator of Internet encryption for voice and data and 2012 inductee into the Internet Hall of Fame; and Jon Callas, creator of Apple’s whole disk encryption and co-Founder of PGP Corporation.