CSO Roundtable Summit

The CSO Roundtable Summit of ASIS International, the members-only forum of senior security executives from the world's largest organizations, will hold a CSO-only track of sessions at the ASIS European Security Conference & Exhibition in The Hague.

The CSO Roundtable Summit, held in parallel with the main ASIS educational sessions will cover a range of business and risk topics tailored to top security executives.

The Roundtable sessions are open only to paid CSO Roundtable members and those who are eligible to join. Eligibility criteria are outlined at the CSO Roundtable Web site.

If you are interested in attending these sessions, please RSVP to Peter Piazza, Vice President of Strategic Operations at ASIS International.

Wednesday 2 April

10.30 – 11.20

Security: Business Enabler and Differentiator

The presentation aims to demonstrate through the example of Deutsche Telekom Group the potential of security to become a business-enabling function. On the basis of case studies it touches upon the different roles of security distinguishing between security as a product and security as an integrated feature by design showing that it can become a differentiating factor on the market.

  • Volker Wagner, Senior Vice President Group Business Security at Deutsche Telekom Group and Chairman of the German ASW, Germany
  • Radek Havlis, CPP, VP International Security at the Deutsche Telekom Group, Germany

13:30 - 14:20

‘Social License to Operate’ as a Risk-Management Tool

Throughout the lifecycle of a project, the dynamics of the community in which the project is based can be catalysts for success—but they can also be vehicles for reputational risk. This session will discuss the effectiveness of social investment as a reputational and operational risk-mitigation tool, and examine how stakeholder participation and the sentiments of thought leaders in local communities can be revealed and understood. Through case studies and open discussion, attendees will learn the key questions to help identify company-specific risk profiles and some of the tools that can aid in developing an understanding of their social license to operate.

  • Kirsten Parker, Senior Director, Country Risk Analysis and Forecasting Team, IHS

Thursday 3 April

10:00 - 11:15

Security Executives as Business Leaders

Does the C-suite understand the value that the security department provides to the organization? Security executives need to create a security strategy that is driven by risk, and provide the corporate leadership team with a clear value proposition of the security department. In these presentations, Chief Security Officers will discuss how to create a risk-driven approach, and provide some strategies for proving security’s value to the C-suite.

  • Jason Brown, National Security Director at Thales Australia, Australia
  • Georg Freundorfer, Dir. Security EMEA at Oracle Corp., Germany
  • Bernard Galea, Chief Security Officer at FM LOGISTIC Corporate SAS, France
  • Axel Petri, Senior Vice President Group Security Policy and Public Safety, Deutsche Telekom, Germany
  • Nina Tranø, Security manager at One Voice AS, Norway
  • Richard Zijdemans, Director Global Security, Medtronic, Netherlands

11:25 - 12:15

Challenges of Security at Europol

The Head of Security of Europol’s presentation will focus on the specific challenges dealing with security issues at Europol from three different perspectives. First, Europol’s mandate and responsibilities as an international organisation and EU agency, working with different counterparts with their own requirements and expectations. Next, Europol is hosted in a new headquarters with special agreements, arrangements and installations in relation to access security. The third part will focus on security awareness and information security in relation to Europol’s operational focus.

  • Kristina Waag, Head of Security, Business Manager Security, Europol