Technical Training Workshop

Technical Training Workshop

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Tavcom Training is the leading supplier of vendor-neutral security systems training courses. They provide award winning BTEC certificated courses to installers, operators, managers and designers of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), Network IP, intruder alarm, access control, fire alarm and all other types of electronic security systems.

Are IP Security systems really the panacea of all CCTV?

This workshop is specifically aimed at security managers, directors and all those accountability for gathering video evidence as part of their overall security responsibilities.

10:30 - 11:20 - A Governing Bodies View of CCTV for Today and Tomorrow

Maj. Arif Al Janahi, Department of Protective Systems, Dubai Police

This opening session provides us all with the issues that face us and the hoped for solutions to ensure quality and effective security is upheld in the region.

11:25 - 12:15 - How Secure is Your IP network?

Peter Mason, M.Ed

A study of the ways of providing security, from fire buckets to firewalls. In this lecture we'll examine some of the basic features of IP network security, from simple measures such as physical security and passwords, through to subnetting, VLANs, WiFi security and IPSec. We'll check out how hackers attempt to create a Denial of Service situation, send email bombs, use port scanners, set up SMTP session hijacking and use Trojan horses, and then we'll look at ways of combating these threats. Finally, we'll go through a really simple way of understanding public key encryption.

Lunch & Prayers
1400 – 1450 - How Does IP Version 6 Make Life Any Better

Peter Mason, M.Ed

Mr. Mason continues the IP networking trends.Is it simpler or safer for security-conscious network professionals?.What was IPv6 supposed to do, other than just give the world a whole load more IP addresses? In this talk, a number of additional aspects of IPv6 will be explained, including its inherent security features, how IPv6 and IPv4 can work together, how tunnels can be created over IP networks and how Quality of Service can be introduced to an IPv6 network. Oh, and what it all means for your costs and peace of mind.

1450 - 15:15 Gathering Video Evidence

Mike Tennent, FIET

A brilliant INTERACTIVE session on how end users and technical individuals should be gathering video evidence cost effectively. New Standards from Europe and objective design and measurement of the effectiveness of CCTV systems using the CAST face recognition guidelines, the NORMAN and ROTAKIN test targets bringing you right up to date with current philosophies and operational issues for CCTV (VSS – Video Surveillance Systems).

Will enlighten us all with the very latest analytical advances to assist all end users in making qualified and quantified judgements based on your security CCTV images.

Coffee Break
15:45 - 16:35 – How integration has developed

Warren Collins, Head of Technical Services, Tavcom

Warren Collins Head of Tavcom Technical Services will be discussing how integration has developed within the security market place. Integration has moved into the security industry to encompass IT systems and different resources to add to the security solution. How do these systems now act as one and what to be aware of when working to produce an integrated solution.


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