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Session 1

Middle East Security Overview: A Round-Up of the Region
Sam Wilkin
Middle East Analyst, Control Risks, UAE

Session 2

Cyber and Physical Threats to Industrial Control Systems
Shawn Cochran, CPP
Senior Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton, USA

Session 3

Safer Cities Through Improved Situational Awareness
Lee Wagstaffe, PSP
Technical Account Manager, CNL Software, UAE

Session 4

Top Vulnerabilities Affecting GCC Banks
Tarek Naja
Security Consultant, Verizon Business, UAE

Session 5

Clouds Computing : A Study in Practice
Khaled Alamri
CEO, EBTCO, Saudi Arabia

Session 6

Antalya Airport Private Security Outsourcing Experience
Dirk Schusdziara
General Manager, Antalya Airport, Turkey
Murat Kösereisoğlu
General Manager, Securitas, Turkey

Session 7

The Protection of Offshore Oil and Gas Installations
Kenneth R. Lukins
President & CEO, Lukins & Associates LLC, USA

Session 8

Major Sporting Events as Laboratories to Enhance Multisectoral Cooperation for the Protection of Soft-Targets
Massimiliano Montanari
Director of International Cooperation and External Relations, International Centre for For Sport Security, Qatar

Session 9

Critical Infrastructure Protection Energy Sector
Dr Cyril Widdershoven
Business Developement Manager, TNO, Netherlands

Session 10

Today's Role of Effective Global Security Crisis Response in Business Continuity and Resiliency
Daniel Richards
CEO, Global Rescue, USA

Session 11

Managing the Risk of Economic Crime
Torsten Wolf
Group Head of Crime and Fraud Prevention, Zurich Insurance Group, Switzerland

Session 12

ATMs - Regional Threats, Scams and Trends
John Cowling
Senior Consultant, Control Risks, UAE

Session 13

Sectarianism, Communalism and Jihadism in the Middle East
Hugh McLeod
Director, Stirling Assynt International Group, UK

Session 14

Supply Chain Security - Protecting the Essence of a Company
Steve Chupa, CPP
Director, Global Security, Johnson & Johnson, USA

Session 15

Maritime Security and Organized Crime in Ports
Johan Ohlsson, CPP, PSP
Knowledge Manager, Securitas Maritime & Logistic Services, Denmark

Session 16

Case Study: Lessons Learnt from Designing and Implementating an Integrated Crisis, Risk and Security Organisation
Robin Kroha
M.A.Head of CSM Certificate Study Programme, Frankfurt School of Management and Finance, Germany

Session 17

Dog vs. Machine
David Loney
General Manager, Impact Canine Solutions, Kingdom of Bahrain

Session 18

Intellectual Property Rights
Nadine Naim
Lecturer in Law, University of Bradford UK

Session 20

Is the Verification of Vendors Necessary in a Security Plan?
Jenny Reid
President, Security Association of South Africa, South Africa

Session 21

Effectively Leading a Multigenerational and Multicultural Workforce
Bonnie Michelman, CPP
Director of Police, Security and Outside Services, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA

Session 22

Panel on Maritime Piracy
Jenny Maclean
Compliance Officer, Maritime Security, Control Risks, UAE
​Phil Tinsley
Operations Manager, Maritime Security, Control Risks, UAE

Session 23

Security Engineering and Management
Haithem AlBalawi
Administrator, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia

Session 24

Panel on Hotel Security
Dr. Mohamed Z. Zineddin
Professor, Khalifa University, UAE
​Simon Howse
Director of Security, Middle East and Africa, Marriott International, Ritz Carlton Hotel Company LLC, UAE
​Matthew Oyston
Security Design, Control Risks, UAE

Session 25

Threats to the Oil and Gas Sector and Risk Mitigation Solutions
Pete Dordal
Jr.Senior Vice President, GardaWorld, USA
James Grimshaw
Managing Director Iraq South, GardaWorld, USA
​Andy Edwards
Managing Director Iraq, GardaWorld, USA

Session 26

ICAO Airport Security Requirements
Philip Johnson
Director Dubai Office, Osprey Systems, UAE

Session 27

Managing the Implemention Process
David G. Patterson, CPP, PSP
Security Consulting & Expert Witness, USA

Session 28

Post Bribery Act: The Competitive Edge vs Adequate Procedures - Are They Mutually Exclusive?
Nicola Fowler
Corporate Investigations - Consultant, Control Risks, UAE

Session 29

Assessing Supplier Risk in the Supply Chain
Brad Kingston
Security Manager - Supply Chain Management, L3 Communications - CS West, USA

Session 30

The New Enterprise Security Risk Manager
Jeffrey A. Slotnick, CPP, PSP
President, Setracon Inc., USA

Session 31

Update on Cyber Threats - Current Stats and Trends in Cybercrime and Espionage
Toralv Dirro
EMEA Security Strategist, McAfee, Germany

Session 32

Assuring Business Competitive Advantage through Eavesdropping Mitigation
Werner Preining, CPP
Responsible for European Operations, Interpool Security, Austria

Session 33

Standards for Private Security Service Providers - Principles and Implementation
Dr. Marc Siegel
Commissioner, Global Standards Initiative ASIS International Belgium

Technology and Solutions Theatre

Session 34

​Enterprise Security: Managing with Microsoft Off-the-Shelf Technology
Huseyin Bakraktar
Director Showcase MEA, Microsoft Corporation, USA

Session 35

Mobile Credentials and Access Control
Serra Luck
Director End-User and Specifier Solutions, HID Global, Germany

​Session 36

​Espionage: A Strategic Approach to a Corporate Issue
Emma Shaw
Managing Director, Esoteric Ltd, UK

​Session 37

​Effective Intelligence in Risk Management
Robert Dodge
Snr Vice President - International, Pinkerton Corporate Risk Management, USA

​Session 38

​Corporate Espionage Overview
Jason Dibley
Technical Director, QCC Global, UK

​Session 39

​The correct specification of hostile vehicle mitigation barriers and new innovative technology within this sector
Gavin Hepburn
Sales & Marketing Director, ATG Access, UK

Session 40

Specialist K9 Consultancy in the Middle East
David Loney
Chief Trainer, Impact Canine Solutions, Bahrain

​Session 41

Network CyberSecurity Solutions
David Natelson
President, Nasatka Security, USA

​Session 42

Persistent Linear Surveillance & Intelligence
Alex Baird
Regional Director (Middle East & Africa), Optasense, UAE

Session 43

​Document your security tours and safety inspections
Ari Wolf
General Manager EMEA, TimeKeeping Systems, Belgium

Session 44

Global Rescue – The Future of Crisis Response
Tiger Shaw
Senior Director Response Services, Global Rescue, USA

Session 4​6

CakeBoxx! Innovation in Intermodal Container Design
Daine Eisold
CEO, CakeBoxx Technologies, USA

Session 47

Standardization, Autonomy, Flexibility and Scalability in a Global Enterprise Environment
Tony Abou Faissal
Business Development Manager, Lenel Systems International, USA

Session 50

​PSIM: Bringing Information Management to Physical Security
Daniel Bloodworth
Technical Sales Manager, CNL Software, UK