CSO Roundtable Programme

CSO Roundtable Programme

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The CSO Roundtable of ASIS International, the members-only forum of senior security executives from the world's largest organizations, will hold a CSO-only track of sessions at the ASIS 4th Middle East Security Conference & Exhibition in Dubai.

The CSO Roundtable sessions, held in parallel with the main ASIS educational sessions will cover a range of business and risk topics tailored to top security executives.

The Roundtable sessions are open only to paid CSO Roundtable members and those who are eligible to join. Eligibility criteria are outlined at the CSO Roundtable Web site.

If you are interested in attending these sessions or being a speaker, please contact Peter Piazza, Director of Strategic Operations at ASIS International. Peter.Piazza@asisonline.org


Monday 18 February

10:30 - 11:20

Political Islam and Possible Outcomes in Syria and Iran

Hugh McLeod of Stirling Assynt will introduce his company’s Middle East adviser, a Salafist cleric who will speak on themes of vital current interest to companies operating in the Middle East. As well as Political Islam, these will include possible outcomes in Syria and the wider Levant and al-Qaeda’s agenda to exploit the civil war. More widely, he will examine how the deepening sectarian divide will affect communities and regional alliances for and against Iran


Key Aspects of Managing Business Security Risks in Libya

Companies that want to do or return to business in Libya require collaborative security measures and platforms. This session will look at creating a roadmap for developing coordinated security and risk-management strategy for Western personnel working in Libya. Walied Shater of ConocoPhillips will share his experience with identifying threats and integrating threat reduction and response capabilities in an environment without a functioning government.


Open Session on Emerging Physical and Cyber Security Threats to the Energy Sector

From physical threats such as bomb attacks against pipelines to cyber attacks against SCADA systems and virus infections spreading across corporate networks, the energy sector is the target of a host of existing and emerging threats. This open session will give attendees the opportunity to discuss and explore the emerging physical- and cyber-security threat vectors to the energy sector. Session led by Simon Hoyle, VP of Risk Management, Majid al Futtaim Properties.


Developing and Managing an Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Program

This session is led by Jeffrey J. Lee MSc, CPP, CCS, Technical Security Advisor, Saudi Aramco

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