CSO Roundtable Summit

CSO Roundtable Summit

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CSO Roundtable logoThe CSO Roundtable of ASIS International, the members-only forum of senior security executives from the world's largest organizations, will hold a CSO-only track of sessions at the ASIS International European Security Conference & Exhibition in Gothenburg.

The CSO Roundtable Summit, held in parallel with the main ASIS educational sessions will cover a range of business and risk topics tailored to top security executives.

The Roundtable sessions are open only to paid CSO Roundtable members and those who are eligible to join. Eligibility criteria are outlined at the CSO Roundtable Web site.

If you are interested in attending these sessions, please RSVP to Peter Piazza, Director of Strategic Operations at ASIS International.


Monday, April 15

Enhancing Leadership Skills to Deal with Crisis Situations
No matter how good a company’s crisis-management processes, plans, tools and other resources are, they’re only as effective as the senior executives responsible for handling a crisis. Despite this, most crisis preparation work focuses on process, while personal performance factors are often neglected.

This presentation looks at that latter area, and aims to highlight factors that can make senior security executives perform better personally in responding to crisis situations. Glenn Schoen will provide examples from his work with Fortune 500 firms to illustrate select best practices and learning points across a range of different crises and continents. CSOs will get involved in the discussion as well to share their experiences in a closed-door session, and attendees will take away lessons learned, tools and techniques, and fresh insights into how their personal performance can be enhanced during a crisis.
Glenn C. Schoen, Director of G4S Risk Advisory in Amsterdam

Transforming Security Intelligence from Reactive Component to Strategic Partner
Microsoft Global Security is leading an industry-wide change in Corporate Intelligence, shifting from after-the-fact reporting to becoming a key stakeholder in helping strategic decision-makers drive business decisions. In an increasingly fluid operating environment, Chief Security Officers and other enterprise leaders will find this strategic shift of vital interest. Senior security executives will leave this session with an understanding of how vision leads to transformation; best practices and lessons learned from Charles Randolph, Senior Director—Executive Protection and Intelligence with Microsoft Corporation; and a look at the way forward in leveraging intelligence to drive strategic intelligence.
Charles Randolph, Director of Microsoft Executive Protection/ Intelligence Unit

Open Session on Emerging Threats across Europe
Moderated by Thomas Cederquist, CPP, Security Director ,Saab Group, BA Electronic Defence Systems; Per Lundkvist, CPP, PSP, PCI, Security Director & CSO, Crane AB; Jason Brown, National Security Director, Thales

Looking into The Void... What CSOs Can Learn from Wicked Problems and Global Disasters
“Wicked problems” are those problems that are difficult to resolve because they offer unique challenges, aren’t amenable to trial-and-error solutions, and are often symptoms of other problems. Security executives now face more wicked problems than ever before—consider the complexity of the Fukushima tsunami or the chaos caused by Hurricane Sandy—and so they need to expand their thinking to understand and act on threats that cross boundaries and involve multiple agencies or actors. In this presentation, David Rubens will look back at some of the lessons learned from recent major crisis management events, examine some of the emerging threats that senior security executives can expect to face in coming years, and provide CSOs with new ways of thinking about wicked problems and global disasters.
David Rubens, Managing Director of David Rubens Associates

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