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Lone Wolf Attacks–How Can We Mitigate the Damage

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30 November 2016
02:00 - 03:00

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Active shooting/ ‘Lone wolf’ terrorism is an increasing epidemic. Every year, the world over, hundreds of people die or get injured due to active shooter events. Motives of the active shooters who are involved in these events can range from terrorism, radical ideologies to growing anger, domestic disputes etc. Following the recent incidents of mass shooting, a theory of ‘Lone Wolf Terrorism’ has emerged wherein the offender is a ‘Wolf in Sheep Clothes’.

In the Asia Pacific context, the threat of terrorists/anti-national elements and separatists have been choosing softer targets and in the recent past the region has witnessed a number of similar attacks, with Mumbai 2008, ‘26/11’ and Dhaka 2016 being the deadliest. Intelligence agencies have warned that in the near future a number of unpredictable attacks may be carried out on targets that convey more international media hype. Soft targets such as schools, grocery stores, night clubs can also be targeted by not only terrorists but by anyone who has access to guns and has violent intentions. It is therefore imperative that security functions in private institutions are geared up to meet this threat by training their employees.


  • Understanding the risks in the present scenario.
  • Psychology, motives and types of active shooters.
  • How to be prepared and have an emergency action plan.
  • Active shooter response and drills.
  • How to deal with Law enforcement.
  • Analyzing a case study with Q&A.

singh_web.jpgColonel (ret) Shiviinder Singh is Director (Risk and Training Services) at NSS (I) Ltd. Shiviinder is a military intelligence veteran with over 20 years’ experience in intelligence analysis, risk management, strategic geo-political analysis and high-level investigations. He has esoteric expertise in the implementation of both tactical as well as strategic intelligence gathering and monitoring systems. He is an expert in implementing C4I environment assets including terrestrial and airborne resources. He has had the distinction of carrying out a number of covert and overt intelligence missions in his career. Shiviinder is an MBA in International business and is a certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). Shiviinder was part of an advisory team with the Government of Botswana (Africa) where he served for three years advising the Govt. of Botswana on Security, Intelligence and strategic affairs. His present areas of interest are CPTED and ‘Active Shooter Preparedness’. Shiviinder is Chairman of the ASIS Delhi Chapter


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