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Emergency Preparedness – The What, The How, and Why It Should Matter

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12 October 2016
14:00 - 15:00

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​Often times when an organization deploys or upgrades a process, they look to industry best practices and accepted standards to develop the framework for scope, budget, and implementation. Unfortunately, managing the risk to assets by applying best practices and industry trends is akin to a healthcare facility providing every patient with the same treatment, based on conditions presented by most of the patients. While effective as a benchmark, how are consequences, vulnerability, and sources of disruption differentiated between risks to your assets and operations and others? What else must be examined? This presentation presents: What you need to diagnose your unique vulnerabilities; How to select and implement effective emergency response procedures based on your specific needs; and Why it matters using historic and recent events. Learn the precepts of those who properly prepare vs. the outcome of those who, for various reasons, did not. In a world where the frequency and magnitude of disruption continues to increase, improve your Emergency Preparedness with these

Key Takeaways:
  1. Why you should Monitor your Risk Profile continuously

  2. How to Strengthen your Overall Risk Management Performance

  3. Where Best to Invest in Risk Reductions to enhance Organizational Resilience

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