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Host Responsibilities and Facility Requirements

As a host organization for an ASIS Professional Development Program, your responsibilities include:

  • Venue/facility for Training: Identify, secure, and pay the expenses for the training facility.

  • Student Registration: Market and promote the program to its target student population (Employees, customers, partners, etc.). The host organization, furthermore, will essentially register students and provide a final number of attendees to ASIS International 10 business days prior to the program.

  • Course Materials: Purchase course workbooks or duplicate course material.  The host is responsible for all expenses related to duplication.  (The host may request that ASIS provide this service at an additional fee.) 

  • Travel for Trainers and Support Staff: Cover ASIS faculty and staff travel expenses.  Identify hotel accommodations and make reservations for program staff. ASIS requests that the host establish a master account direct billing of room and tax charges.  Use corporate discounts wherever possible.

  • Food and Beverage Coordination: Cover food and beverage for breaks. Group/class lunches or dinners are optional and at the discretion of the host organization.

Training Room Layout

The training facility should provide for seating and a writing surface for each student. Optimally, students should have space to open and view a notebook, or binder, of program materials easily. As addressed below, the room must also accommodate a projection screen and LCD projector. Please consider the placement of food and beverage for breaks or other host organization materials.

Audio Visual Requirements

Instructors utilize PowerPoint presentations, often with embedded video.  An LCD projector and projection screen will be required. The facility should also have proper sound capability.

Food & Beverage Requirements

The host organization shall provide access to lunch venues and beverages for break periods throughout the program. Faculty members welcome a list of nearby restaurants.