The Promise of Leadership

23 September 2013
McCormick Place

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Pre-Seminar Program

In this hard-hitting and practical half-day pre-Seminar session, the Full Circle Group will help security professionals build their leadership skills, using tools that identify creative competencies and reactive tendencies; these patterns of action and thought are the two primary leadership domains. The Leadership Circle Profile is used by large corporations worldwide and is a key component of the Executive MBA program at Notre Dame. Each attendee will receive a Leadership Circle 360 Profile (completed in advance of the program); the four-hour session with the Full Circle Group; and a 60-90 minute debrief, a feedback session about the results of the 360. This unique session is limited to 20 attendees and is available at a special CSO Roundtable/ASIS International rate of only $400 per participant—a fraction of what this one-on-one consultation costs otherwise.  


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