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Security Practices in a High Rise Environment

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16 - 17 May 2016
The Westin Las Vegas Hotel

Modern high rise security in a post 9-11 world

This program is essential for anyone charged with directly overseeing the safety and security of tenants/visitors occupying a high-rise facility. This fully comprehensive program provides guidance and advice from security professionals who have direct experience in recognizing the related threats and hazards,with solid recommendations of how to mitigate the risk.

The course will not only provide you with reference materials and classroom learning, but is the single best opportunity to share two days of discussion and idea-exchange with others who are responsible for security in a high-rise environment.

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 Immediate Benefits

Concept: Good security is built upon the basics. Understand what good, basic security looks like in a high-rise environment, and identify areas for improvement.

Ideas: Today, you might only see what you were taught to see during your first week in a building. By hearing others' experiences, you may start to look at your own building(s) differently.

Practices: Some practices are routine and required daily,while others emerge only occasionally. Learn to know the differences so you can build the base of your program.

Main Take Away: If you understand the breadth of the issues, you'll be in a better position to address them in your environment.

 Who Should Attend

  • Facility Manager who oversees the security program
  • Managers being groomed to take over a security department
  • General Manager Commercial Real Estate
  • Professionals tasked with security
  • Individuals just entering the security field

 Program Overview

One program, all the answers---Join us for an interactive discussion on security issues from A-Z.

Access Control:
Return to your workplace ready to develop and implement processes for allowing access for visitors, vendors and contractors to include proven concepts on restricting access to loading docks, messengers, and food deliveries. Evaluate what type of access environment is right for your high rise, be it open or closed and, how best to handle law enforcement when they arrive with arrest warrants and/or subpoenas.
Business Continuity:
Learn proven strategies to handle service disruptions to your high rise environment in a crisis situation.  Develop a basic understanding for short term and long term recoveries.
Learn how to enhance communications to your tenants and employees internally and externally while gaining exposure on what to look for in a mass notifications system for emergency situations.
Design:  ASIS CPTED Concepts:
Gain a deeper understanding of how to utilize to your advantage barriers, planters and portals.  Learn how to integrate alarm detection, doors, locks and surveillance systems into your overall daily security operations. While obtaining knowledge of blast resistant film for windows along with exploring the roll that x-ray machines and metal detectors could potentially play in enhancing your environment.
Emergency Management:
Return to the office with a plan to develop/enhance your emergency management procedures by developing a comprehensive all hazards plan that focuses on the challenges that face us in the high rise environment daily with regard to our complex tenant populations to include:active shooter; bomb threats; civil disorders; kidnapping; hostage situations; medical emergencies; terrorism; and suicide bombings.
Fire Life Safety:
Return to the office with a plan to develop/enhance your evacuation procedures. We will touch on full and partial evacuation plans. You will develop an understanding for the complex issues of sheltering in place and learn the appropriate response.We will discuss training and evacuations that affect your visitors and guests and how best to utilize building staff in an evacuation.  
Garages and Parking:
Learn how to deal with the complex issues surrounding Cashier Booths and Pay on Foot Stations.  Return to the office with a plan for dealing with homeless individuals within your vestibule areas. Understand the procedures that need to be in place when you have Emergency Call Stations located in the parking lots (surface and underground) along with those in elevators and stairwells.
High Rise Security:
AA history perspective of single use and mixed use buildings will be discussed along with the challenges that come with Ownership of buildings vs. Management of buildings.  Challenges faced by High Rises with Homeless People.
Develop effective means for working with building staff and tenants along with vendors and contractors from an internal perspective.  Develop effective means for working with law enforcement from an external perspective.  Understand the importance of developing procedures for maintaining Confidentiality.
Joint Terrorism Task Force:  Judgment and Decisions:
Gain a deeper understanding of the Joint Terrorism Task Force encompasses while touching on the importance of see something say something through the use of suspicious indicator recognition.
Key Control:
Learn how to integrate key control to include manual control procedures along with developing a plan for master keys; base building keys; and electronic key blanks while stressing the importance to develop accountability produces.
Explore the concept of lockdowns in detail to understand when to require a soft, hard, or complete lockdown of the complex.  While discussing when there is an exception to the rule.
Mechanical Systems:
Gain a deeper understanding of securing access to your HVAC Systems; cooling towers; air-in takes; and exhaust systems.Talk about the role of pressurized stairwells in fire and smoke events. While developing accountability procedures that can be implanted upon return to the office for telephone riser, data closets, elevator, and machine rooms.
Explore the importance of networking with your tenants to keep the lines to communication open.  Examine ways to improve networking with public law enforcement while enhancing your network via trade associates.
Observation Skills for a High Rise Environment
Learn proven strategies for enhancing your soft skills while enhancing your customer service skills to have a keen eye on situational awareness while maintaining a Class "A" operation.
Post Orders:
Understand the basics for developing full encompassing post orders for your buildings to include in detail the building policies, standard operating procedures, how to effectively enforce your post orders while developing exercises for training and testing of procedures.
Quality Assurance and Security Management:
Learn proven strategies for enhancing Quality Assurance with your security management.
Resiliency Planning:
We will be exploring the ASIS Standard for Business Continuity while incorporating a discussion that will provide a deeper understanding for public sector coordination and collaboration with local, state and federal law enforcement and how these relationships can help in an emergency situation.
Social Media in a High Rise environment via monitoring and Generation X:
Learn how to utilize social media to your advantage when dealing with Generation X.
Tenant Training:
Return to your workplace with a plan to enhance your lobby, roof top while learning to cope with the disruptions that can be presented by a labor protest and/or demonstration.
Unified Command:
Understand the complex issues surrounding incident command while maintaining communication with property management and building staff. Learn how encompass tenants as well as media management.
Vetting Information:
Learn how to vet vendors and identify those credible and reliable sources while eliminating those items that could be a potential rumor and/or gossip.
Workplace Violence:
Return to your workplace with actionable items to help enhance your workplace violence procedures for dealing with verbal, written and electronic threats along with physical and criminal actions.
X- Marks the spot
This process approach teaches how to establish counter surveillance and how to identify and respond to hostile surveillance.
Young Professionals:
Working with young professionals, and understanding cultural issues. What young professionals need to know when entering workforce, how to get a job –etc.
Learn the elements involved with property lines, public easements, common areas, private property along with government and public agencies.



 Hours, Fees, & Hotels

Registration Hours
7:00–8:00 am

Program Hours

8:00 am–5:00 pm
Registration Fees
Fees include daily continental breakfast, refreshment breaks, and a networking reception.Hotel costs are not included.
$   825
$  925


Hotel Information
Be sure to mention ASIS when requesting the special room rate of $159 single/double (plus tax). It will be honored until the room block is full or April 15, 2016.

The Westin Las Vegas Hotel-Casino & Spa
160 East Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV  89109


Team Discount:
Receive a 10% discount when three to five attendees register from the same organization, 15% for six or more. Email for details.

Certification Discount: 
ASIS members and nonmembers holding the distinction of CPP, PCI, and PSP receive a $25 discount per classroom program. This discount is automatically applied at checkout.


Mr Sean  A Ahrens, CPP
  • Mr Sean A Ahrens, CPP
  • Security Consultant
  • Affiliated Engineers, Inc.| AEI
  • Colleagues: 0

Mr Leon A Beresford, CPP
  • Mr Leon A Beresford, CPP
  • Vice President
  • Admiral Security Services
  • Bethesda MD, UNITED STATES
  • Colleagues: 0

Mr LaNile R Dalcour
  • Mr LaNile R Dalcour
  • Security Director
  • Brookfield Properties
  • Washington DC, UNITED STATES
  • Colleagues: 0

Bio: LaNile Dalcour is a 21 year veteran in commercial real estate, life safety and security. LaNile is the Security Director for Brookfield Properties covering the DC, Virginia and Maryland regions security and life safety program, also as Brookfield’s National Training Coordinator. For 8 years LaNile worked at the world renowned Sears Tower, served a rotation as FEMA’s Private Sector Representative during spring and summer of 2011. LaNile is a board member on AOBA’s Emergency Preparedness Committee, a member of ASIS and serves as Chairman of ASIS Commercial Real Estate Council.
Ms Laurie L Simmons, CPP, PSP
  • Ms Laurie L Simmons, CPP, PSP
  • Manager Property Protection
  • Cushman & Wakefield/NorthMarq
  • Bloomington MN, UNITED STATES
  • Colleagues: 0

Mr Bill C Stennis
  • Mr Bill C Stennis
  • Security Dir Western Region
  • Brookfield Office Properties
  • Los Angeles CA, UNITED STATES
  • Colleagues: 0

Mr Carlos Villarreal
  • Mr Carlos Villarreal
  • Senior Vice President
  • Comerical Real Estate
  • Colleagues: 0

Bio: Mr. Villarreal, CST has over 33 years of experience working in the commercial real estate space. He is nationally recognized as an expert in class "A" high-rise buildings, specializing in physical security, emergency management and training. He is a sought–after speaker and trainer for clients, building tenants and trade association. In his current position he oversees all aspects of SecurAmerica LLC commercial real estate business throughout the United States. He is a Certified Security Trainer, serves as the membership chair for ASIS Commercial Real Estate Council and a former US Marine.