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Physical Security Introductory Applications and Technologies

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23 - 24 February 2015
Westgate Hotel

Delivering Organizational Value through Security

Understand the fundamentals of successful security programs

This revised, comprehensive program provides an essential and broad foundation relevant to all security practitioners and management professionals.  

Build fundamental knowledge on strategic security program leadership through cost-effective products and services that positively impact security effectiveness and business value. Maximize existing programs and systems with appropriate improvements. Manage the technology and security tools instead of letting them manage you. Learn the pitfalls to avoid from program inception though systems deployment and operation. Gain invaluable insights by networking with peers facing similar challenges. 

Produced by the ASIS Physical Security Council
New Physical Security Certificate
ASIS is developing certificates in physical security and expects to rollout the certificate program in 2015. Please be looking for updates on all ASIS certificates. 

Registration Fees

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 Pertinent Information

 Immediate Benefits

  • ​Understand strategies to communicate realistic expectations and the value of sound security programs and solutions.

  • Identify effective approaches to analyze and assess security vulnerabilities, loss, and risk

  • Learn proven strategies for maximizing the value and protecting your security system investment.

  • Understand the basics of networks and infrastructure supporting security technology success.

  • Identify and be able to communicate return on investment.

 Who Should Attend

  • ​Security managers

  • Site security/facility managers and engineers

  • Individuals tasked with risk management and homeland security

  • Design and security architects/engineers

  • HR professionals

  • Corporate security professionals

  • Government security professionals

  • Purchasing officers

  • University and campus security professionals

  • Security project managers

  • IT professionals

 Program Overview

Guard Operations Planning—Organization Planning
Contract versus proprietary, armed versus unarmed; what are the options, benefits, and tradeoffs of each? Discuss reporting and contracting concepts as well as staffing qualifications. Hear about “gotcha-s” to avoid and tips on how to do so.

Crisis Management
Learn what constitutes a crisis. Do you know when to prepare and how much to prepare? Learn when a crisis starts and ends and who needs to be involved in planning and managing it. Determine what a crisis management plan is as well as when and how it is applicable.

Basic System Design and Layout
Learn about system layout strategies. Discuss when to design and who should design systems, expectations, infrastructure, and more. Find out how the design and layout relates to system specification and procurement.

Litigation Issues and Mitigation
We already have a legal department, so why should I care? Discuss what the security professional’s legal role is. What are the issues to consider on such issues as information theft, property theft, armed intruder, contracts, HR, procurement? Learn who you should go to for advice and how it impacts investigations.

Access Control
Learn the basics of electronic access control systems, strategies, and coordination. Discuss integration concepts with other systems. 
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
What is CPTED? Learn how and why it applies. Focus on how to implement CPTED and how lighting is involved. Examine good and bad examples and guidelines.
Building and Life Safety Codes
Find out why it’s important to follow building and life safety codes when building a security plan.

Networking Basics
Focus on network physical and logical infrastructure as well as aspects of network security. Leave with a comprehensive plan to develop the core of a network infrastructure—the wiring plant. Layers of network devices and infrastructure discussions are added and provide the user a strong overview of the network they are using to transmit information or to monitor.

Locks and Life Safety
What are physical security considerations at door openings? Learn the importance of a holistic approach to physical security and video surveillance.

Intrusion Sensors and Detection Systems
Receive an overview of sensor technology as well as its tradeoffs, limitations, and benefits. Discuss how an alarm system is part of access control versus part of a burglar alarm system.

Video Basics
Learn about video architecture and achievable results. Find out where video surveillance is oversold and identify common "gotcha-s."
Emerging Technologies
Learn what technologies have the potential to significantly impact the industry. Hear about current trends and how new technologies may impact staffing and operations.

Information Management
What is big data, visualization, and metrics? This case study focuses on operations strategies, value derived, strategies, and opportunities to improve operations and pitfalls to avoid.
Class Group Exercise
The class divides into two teams to develop (with assistance from instructors) security policies and solutions and deliver their results to the class. Applications: Review site drawing and determine proper use of CPTED and guard services. Technology: Review a floor plan and determine proper places to install card readers and cameras.

 Hours, Fees, & Hotels

Registration Hours

5:00–6:00 pm

7:00–8:00 am

Program Hours

8:00 am–5:00 pm

Registration Fees
Fees include daily continental breakfast, refreshment breaks, and a networking reception. Hotel costs are not included. 
$   995


Be sure to mention ASIS when requesting the special room rate of $169 single/double (plus tax). It will be honored until the room block is full or January 30, 2015
The Westgate Hotel
1055 2nd Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101


Team Discount:
Receive a 10% discount when three to five attendees register from the same organization, 15% for six or more. Email for details.

Certification Discount:
ASIS members and nonmembers holding the distinction of CPP, PCI, and PSP receive a $25 discount per classroom program. This discount is automatically applied at checkout.


Mr Anthony H Crawford, CPP
  • Mr Anthony H Crawford, CPP
  • Security Professional - Nashville
  • Hermitage TN, UNITED STATES
  • Colleagues: 0
Session: Basic SYstem Design & Layout
Session: Emerging Technologies
Session: Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Bio: Anthony began his security career over 20 years ago as an installation tech for a national integrator. He held a management position with a contract security provider at a nuclear facility, adding to his security experience, participating in both tabletop and field exercises. After obtaining his CPP becoming Board Certified in Security Management, he continued to work in the security industry with a leading perimeter security integrator, helping to sell, design, install and service perimeter security that included military and government access control points consisting of crash rated fencing, anti-vehicle barriers and radar based detection systems. He is now the General Manager in Nashville, TN for KST Security, a regional woman-owned systems integrator headquartered in Indianapolis, IN. KST Security specializes in access control, video systems, mass notification systems and hosted/remote managed systems.
Mr Kevin T Doss, CPP, PSP
  • Mr Kevin T Doss, CPP, PSP
  • President | CEO
  • Level 4 Security
  • Colleagues: 0
Session: Crisis Management Overviews

Bio: Kevin T. Doss, MS, CPP, PSP is the CEO of Level 4 Security LLC a firm that specializes in developing workplace violence and active shooter programs, professional training courses, performs vulnerability risk assessments, strategic security program development, develops policy and procedure, and evaluates physical protection systems. Mr. Doss has 25 years of hands-on experience, earned a Master's of Science in Security and Risk Management from the University of Leicester, and is a published writer. Kevin was an active shooter instructor for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and continues to educate and develop workplace violence and active shooter programs on a global scale. Mr. Doss is the ASIS Physical Security Professional (PSP) Board Certification Advisor and regularly teaches our nation's top organizations and agencies.
Mr Richard R Orr, CPP
  • Mr Richard R Orr, CPP
  • Principal
  • Security Install Solutions
  • Colleagues: 0
Session: Building and Life Safety Codes
Session: Intrusion Sensors and Detection Systems
Session: Locks and Life Safety
Session: Access Control

Bio: Rueben Orr serves as Vice President and Co-Owner of Security Install Solutions, Inc., a systems integration firm headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Rueben has 22 years’ experience in the Electronic Security Industry and is a subject matter expert in physical access control systems, intrusion detection alarm systems and video surveillance systems. Rueben serves on the ASIS International’s Physical Security Council as a vice-chair and has served as program chair and instructor for Introductory, Advanced and Managing your Physical Security Program workshops.
Patrik Pettersson
  • Patrik Pettersson
  • Product Analyst
  • Axis Communications
  • Chelmsford MA, UNITED STATES
  • Colleagues: 0
Session: Video Basics
Session: Emerging Technologies
Session: Networking Basics

Bio: Patrik Pettersson serves as the product analyst for Axis Communications in North America. In this role, Mr. Pettersson works in lockstep with Axis’ product management team, providing market feedback and competitor trends from North America. He also works closely with the IT industry to educate on network video convergence. Mr. Pettersson’s experience comes from working the past ten years with network video surveillance, as well as voice over data convergence eight years prior to joining Axis Communications. He has expertise working with and coaching IT managers and network administrators whose responsibilities expanded to include telephony technologies and video on the network.
Mr Donald R Zoufal, CPP
  • Mr Donald R Zoufal, CPP
  • Safety & Security Executive
  • SDI Presence, LLC
  • Colleagues: 0
Session: Information Management and Information Sharing
Session: Litigation Issues and Mitigation

Bio: DON ZOUFAL is a Safety and Security Industry Executive with Systems Development Integration, LLC (SDI). He is actively involved in the DHS Video Quality in Public Safety initiative and serves on a TSA sponsored committee preparing revisions to the Recommended Security Design Guidelines for Airports. He is the former Director for Safety and Security at the Chicago Department of Aviation. Don holds three degrees from the University of Illinois in law (J.D.), public administration (M.A.P.A.), and history and political science (B.A.). He also recently a completed a DHS sponsored program with the Center for Homeland Defense and Security and was awarded an M.A. in Security Studies from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA. Don is also a retired Colonel from the U.S. Army Reserves.