PSP Review Course

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06 - 07 May 2013
Jacob Javits Center

ASIS board certification provides objective proof that you possess substantial, relevant experience, as well as demonstrated and tested competence. It opens the door to better opportunities, increased visibility, and greater potential for career advancement.

Take the next step toward earning your PSP certification by registering to take part in an ASIS classroom review.

This day and half program will strengthen your understanding of key concepts and practices tested on the exam. Instruction is based on the reference materials that are the sole source of exam content.

Program Advisor:
Kevin Doss, PSP, CPP
Level 4 Security (L4S)
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

Registration Fees

 Pertinent Information

 Immediate Benefits

  • Reinforce your knowledge in the core competencies of physical security tested on the PSP exam.
  • Increase your comprehension of key physical security concepts and practices to improve your performance on the exam.
  • Test your level of understanding with a practice exam. Learn what you have mastered and pinpoint future study needs.
  • Gain insights that will help you use your remaining preparation time more effectively. Prioritize your study goals. Learn proven test-taking strategies.
  • Create an invaluable network with others preparing for the exam. Share study tips and form study groups.
  • Leave with handouts useful in developing your own study program.

 Who Should Attend

​The PSP Review is primarily designed for PSP candidates. Others who may find the program useful include security practitioners who want to review fundamental concepts of security, managers who have recently assumed security responsibilities, and individuals seeking more information about the security industry.

 Program Overview

The PSP Review covers three major areas of security management:
  • Physical Security Assessment
  • Application, Design, and Integration of Physical Security Systems
  • Implementation of Physical Security Measures
The PSP Review is intended to supplement other exam preparation activities. Review program schedules, content, faculty, locations, and pricing are subject to change.


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 Hours, Fees, & Hotels

Registration Hours
7:00 am-8:00 am
Program Hours
8:00 am-5:00 pm
8:00 am-2:00 pm
Registration Fees
Early Bird
On or Before Mar 8
After Mar 8








New York Marriott Marquis
1535 Broadway
New York, NY, 10036
Toll Free - 1-877-513-6305
Or reserve online at:  
Standard Room  $329 Single / Double

ID Requirements
A photo ID is required for admission on-site. Acceptable IDs include a valid driver's license, passport, or military ID.
Exam Scheduling
Certification candidates have a two-year period of eligibility from the date of application approval to prepare for and pass the exam. Eligible candidates in the U.S. and Canada may schedule an exam date and location for the computer-based exam by contacting Prometric on the Web or by calling +1.800.699.4975.
International PCI examinations (non-U.S. and Canada) are now conducted by computer-based testing most countries. Learn more about international exam schedules and testing locations.
Auditing a Course
Auditing a certification review program is an option available to individuals who have attended an ASIS certification review program or a complete online review in the past two years. Auditing is only applicable to the same program previously attended. Auditing is not applicable to people who have attended chapter reviews. Audits include speaker outlines. Audit registration is not available online, by fax, or via mail. Be prepared to indicate the date and location of the review you attended. Please call +1.703.519.6200 to register to audit a review program. Pricing is subject to change. Please note that auditing is available ONLY for certification review programs. Fees are $350 for members and $450 for nonmembers to audit.


Team Discount:
Receive a 10% discount when three to five attendees register from the same organization, 15% for six or more. Email for details.

Certification Discount:
ASIS members and nonmembers holding the distinction of CPP, PCI, and PSP receive a $25 discount per classroom program. This discount is automatically applied at checkout.

Rental Car Discount:

Contact Dollar at +1.866.542.2303, extension 2 or; reference code CM0140. FL rentals reference code CMO135.