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Managing Your Physical Security Program: An Advanced Workshop for Managers and Practitioners

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14 - 17 July 2014
Hilton Long Beach & Executive Meeting Center


Work harder or work smarter, your choice!

Increase program effectiveness—through new ideas, international case studies, and performance management—and save money and frustration by making the right choices.
Physical and network security operations are dynamic. Security professionals succeed through planning, preparation, adapting, and taking action in response to unexpected challenges. This comprehensive management program, with an international perspective, teaches you where to start and how to prepare your program for handling these challenges.
Break it down: managing security programs is a holistic process which begins with strategic planning, identifying goals and performance objectives as well as justifying and applying a realistic budget. Once the budget is approved, the challenge becomes building, operating, and managing a comprehensive program. Be prepared to respond when you are asked to justify the security operation and explain how it is managing risk. How does your program contribute to the success of the business operation? Are you considered a “business enabler” or “thought leader” within your organization or corporation?
Collaborate with seasoned practitioners; benefit from their lessons-learned; consider international perspectives; and learn about techniques and metrics that can maximize your program’s effectiveness and move it to the next level.
Sponsored by the ASIS Physical Security Council

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 Pertinent Information

 Who Should Attend

​• Physical and network security directors, managers, and corporate officers

• Information security professionals

• Facility managers

• Risk management personnel

• Public and private sector security professionals

• Security leaders in your organization

 Program Overview

Security Organization, Strategy, and the Master Plan
Learn the value of a security master plan and how it guides the entire security operation. Discuss when a typical program is developed, its critical components, and how it’s maintained and measured for performance.
Managing Security Risk
Discuss the security risk management process and how to apply it to the planning, implementation, and management of an effective security program.
Learn about successes from international examples and how to apply these to maximize the protections for your security program.
Managing Your Physical Security Data and Performance Metrics
“Without measurement there can be no management.” What should you measure and how will you do it?  Measurement is a critical element of performance management and maximizing security availability. Discuss the criticality of evaluating the performance of individuals and operating systems.
Organizational Resilience – Operational Survivability
Organizational resilience represents the difference between success and failure.   Implementation of organizational resilience does not mean “reinventing the wheel” but taking advantage of established programs and best practices to ensure maximum survivability and recovery following disastrous events.  
Managing and Maintaining Your CCTV and Network Video Systems
Review the latest video solutions and content analysis. Learn about upgraded legacy solutions and camera technologies that can positively impact your security program.
Security Systems Life Cycle and Systems Management
As with all things, security systems have a finite operating cycle. How is this measured and managed to provide effective and efficient life cycle control and systems or component replacement? Learn how to implement a meaningful life cycle management program.
Managing Corporate-Wide Access and Egress
Managing access to and egress from your property is a primary protective element and can provide early warning of potential threats. This process is also a basic element of the security awareness effort and is intrinsic to the safety of employees and others. Discuss examples that will improve your access program.
Build Your Best Security Team
In this changing workplace, your leadership is critical to maximizing the value of your security team. What do great teams know and do? How can you apply this to your team? To what extent does the human resources process understand and support the security program? Learn successful approaches that will help you and your team grow and add value to your program!
Cloud Computing’s Impact on Your Security Program
In the decade or so since the widespread adoption of the Internet, web-based application services and pay-per-use business models have established Software as a Service, or cloud computing, as the dominant new paradigm for application deployment and delivery. Learn how operating with the cloud can reduce cost and increase performance of electronic security systems.
Optimizing Security Guard Performance
Guard force operations and managing for heightened performance play a significant role in contract-for-services or proprietary guard force environments. Learn techniques and best practices regarding how to manage these situations for maximum return.
Managing and Operating a Command and Response Center
In many instances the operational efficiency of a security program rests on the shoulders of an internal command and response center. This is where your program needs to demonstrably provide the return on security expenditures.
Lighting—Managing Security and Operational Needs
What role does lighting play and how is it best managed to meet the expectations of both the facility and security managers? What elements of lighting design and operational management should a security director be cognizant of and what risks does lack of knowledge present? Is it a meaningful part of your CPTED program?
Legal and Liability Issues—Considerations for Security Management
How security managers operate their programs can be an important legal question. Video evidence, privacy issues, and changes in law can impact your security program. Learn about and discuss some legal and liability issues that your organization should consider.
Case Study and Hands-on Exercises
Develop and refine operational programs though hands-on group exercises. Gain unique perspectives from successful international examples. Combine the information learned into a critical thinking exercise.

 Immediate Benefits

​• Focus on business operational advantages your security program can provide.

• Understand and implement security risk management concepts.

• Identify the benefits of integrating life cycle management into your security program.

• Learn about performance metrics and how to implement them effectively.

• Transition and upgrade your legacy systems in a cost effective manner.

• Participate in a comprehensive review of security master plan development and implementation.

• Understand how cloud computing solutions may work for you and save your security budget.

• Optimize the performance of your security guard program.

• Learn about special technologies in action, improving your video quality, and integrating multiple systems.

• Gain insight into best practices and emerging trends for your organization’s success.


Mr Phillip Banks, CPP
  • Mr Phillip Banks, CPP
  • Director
  • The Banks Group Inc.
  • Comox BC, CANADA
  • Colleagues: 0
Session: Group Exercise
Session: Managing and Operating a Command and Response Centre
Session: Group Exercises
Session: Group Exercise
Session: Tools to Take Away
Session: Security Systems Lifecycle and Management
Session: Managing Security During Crisis Events
Session: Manaing Security Risk

Bio: Phill leads The Banks (Risk Mitigation) Group Inc., in Vancouver, Canada. His risk and organizational resilience based consulting practice provides program assessment, threat and risk mitigation strategies, strategic security planning and security engineering design services throughout North America and elsewhere. Phill served 25 years in federal law enforcement with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police specializing in security engineering design completing his career as the Officer-in-Charge, National Security Engineering and Electronic Security Programs. He is a registered Professional Engineer in both Canada and the US and a CPP.
Mr Raymond J Bernard
  • Mr Raymond J Bernard
  • President and Principal Consultant
  • Ray Bernard Consulting Services (RBCS)
  • Lake Forest CA, UNITED STATES
  • Colleagues: 0
Session: Security Case Study

Bio: Ray Bernard is a leading security consultant who has provided pivotal insight in security for over 26 years. Ray has led many noteworthy security efforts for international airports, sports stadiums, water and energy utilities, manufacturing plants, schools and universities and high-rise facilities. Ray has written over 200 articles and columns for various security and IT magazines, and pens a column on the convergence of physical security and IT for Security Technology Executive magazine. He is a contributing author to the Encyclopedia of Security Management, Second Edition, covering the topics such as “The Convergence of Physical Security and IT”, and “Authentication, Authorization and Cryptography.” He is a Physical Security Professional (PSP), and is an active member of both the ASIS Physical Security and IT Security Councils.
Mr Benjamin M Butchko, CPP
  • Mr Benjamin M Butchko, CPP
  • President & CEO
  • Butchko, Inc.
  • Colleagues: 0
Session: Security Master Planning
Session: Effectively Managing Security Technology Projects

Bio: Benjamin M. Butchko, CPP, is an accomplished senior security engineer in the field of security risk analysis, threat assessments,security consulting, system design, and project planning for national and international building projects. Primary efforts involve enterprise projects in petrochemical, industrial, medical, corporate, and science research industries. He is a regular presenter on security assessment, strategic planning, design, and deployment.
Mr Christopher Chapeta, CPP, PSP
  • Mr Christopher Chapeta, CPP, PSP
  • Principal
  • Bastion Projects
  • Walnut Creek CA, UNITED STATES
  • Colleagues: 0
Session: Managing Program-Wide Access & Egress
Session: Tools to Take Away
Session: Lighting
Session: Group Exercises
Session: Group Exercise
Session: Legal and Liability Issues
Session: Group Exercise

Mr Eduard J. Emde, CPP
  • Mr Eduard J. Emde, CPP
  • Head of Health, Safety & Security Section
  • ESA European Space Agency
  • Wassenaar NETHERLANDS
  • Colleagues: 0
Session: Emerging World Trends

Bio: Eduard J. Emde, CPP, is principal consultant for BMKISS Europe, an independent security support organization based in the Netherlands. In the year 2012 he was the first non U.S. President of ASIS International, and he is currently serving as the Chairman of the Board. Previously, he served as Manager, Consultancy Services for Interseco in The Hague, Netherlands, and as Head, Safety and Security, at the European Space Agency’s European Space Research and Technology Centre. He’s also served as a security consultant with KPMG's Forensic & Integrity Services and as vice president, group security with ABN AMRO Bank. Mr. Emde has served on the boards of various associations in the field of risk management and security, including the Dutch Society for Risk Management and OSAC Netherlands. A member of ASIS International since 1990, he has served as Regional Vice President in Europe and as board member and Chair of the Benelux Chapter. Mr. Emde has also served as a trainer for CPP review courses.
Mr Carlos Galvez, Jr, CPP
  • Mr Carlos Galvez, Jr, CPP
  • Director, Corporate Security and Investigations
  • Oportun, Inc.
  • Colleagues: 0
Session: Strategies for Effective Security Programs
Session: Security HR Management

Bio: Carlos is an accomplished security, safety, and risk management professional with 17 years of experience in corporate security, focusing in the high-tech industry. He currently holds a global security, safety and business continuity senior manager role. Carlos has been a member of ASIS International since 2003 serving in various volunteer chapter leadership roles and earned his Certified Protection Professional (CPP) certification in 2006.
Ms Susan E Munn, CPP
  • Ms Susan E Munn, CPP
  • CEO
  • CompassQ
  • Ottawa ON, CANADA
  • Colleagues: 0
Session: Applying Standards and Guidelines

Bio: As dedicated Security Professional with over 30 years of demonstrated international success in both public and private sectors, Susan Munn has served on the ASIS International Physical Security Council for several years and now sits on Chapter 140’s leadership team. Prior to starting her own consulting business, Susan served as the Director of Security and Facilities Services for the Bank of Canada, the nation’s Central Bank, located in Ottawa, Ontario. Before that, she was responsible for Security and Loss Prevention for Canada’s largest courier transportation network – Purolator Inc. for two years as their Director, Security and Loss Prevention. Over a period of eight years, she rose from Director eventually to Senior Vice President, Security and Loss Prevention for Harry Winston Diamond Corporation – the premier diamond Specialist Company. Susan joined ASIS International in 1996. She earned her CPP designation (Certified Protection Professional) in 1998 while working in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Diamonds Project in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. This involved development of a local, regional, national and international law enforcement strategy for the emerging Canadian diamond industry. She retired from the RCMP in 2002 with 20 years service. She served in various locations across Canada including a “one-person post” in the High Arctic along with several overseas short term assignments in Australia, Africa, and Europe. As the recipient of the 125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada Medal, she was recognized for outstanding community service in 1992 for her work with the community, youth and victims of crime. She also has earned the RCMP Long Service Medal.
Mr Berndt Rif, CPP, PCI
  • Mr Berndt Rif, CPP, PCI
  • Senior Policy Advisor Protective Security
  • De Nederlandsche Bank NV
  • Amsterdam NETHERLANDS
  • Colleagues: 0
Session: The Human Aspect II
Session: The Human Aspect I

Bio: Berndt Rif worked as high risk flight agent and profile agent at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. He was also head of the security department at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam. After leaving the university hospital he worked as security coordinator and information security officer for the ING Group. Before he joined the Dutch Central Bank as Senior Security Policy Advisor and Threat Intelligence Analyst he worked for the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations as Senior Protective Security Advisor. Berndt Rif is also working for the (Dutch) National Police in the rank of (volunteer) Inspector of Police. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Policy and Culture, a Master of Science Degree in Policing and Public Order Studies and a Master of Business Administration degree in Security Management. In 2008, 2010 and 2012 Berndt Rif participated in several operational security and counter terrorism courses in Israel. He was also a speaker at ASIS Security Conferences in Barcelona (Spain), Vienna (Austria), Gothenburg (Sweden), Dubai (UAE), Dallas (US) and Philadelphia (US).
Mr Jeffrey A Slotnick, CPP, PSP
  • Mr Jeffrey A Slotnick, CPP, PSP
  • President
  • Setracon Enterprise Security Risk Managment Services
  • Colleagues: 0
Session: Organizational Resiliency
Session: Optimizing Security Guard Force Performance Management
Session: Managing Your Physical Security Data & Performance Measurement Process

Bio: Jeffrey A. Slotnick, CPP, PSP is a highly regarded risk professional and thought leader, with more than 28 years of experience, specializing in the Homeland Security Enterprise and Organizational Resilience Management (ORM). Jeff is peer recognized as one of the “critical architects in the homeland security enterprise” and is responsible for the some of the latest advancements in All Hazards Disaster Resilience, Organizational Resilience Management, Standards Development, and managing the Data Waterfall. Jeff is focused on the professional development and training of security, law enforcement, and military personnel, the provision of exceptional security services, protective services, and all facets of ORM including risk, vulnerability, and threat assessments, preparing Emergency Response Plans, Business Continuity Plans, and Physical Security System Integration.
Mr Steve Surfaro
  • Mr Steve Surfaro
  • Industry Liaison
  • Axis Communications
  • Colleagues: 0
Session: How Can Cloud Computing Impact Your Security Program?
Session: Managing and Maintaining Your CCTV Part 2
Session: Managing and Maintaining Your CCTV Part 1
Session: Mass Notification and Communications

Bio: As Axis Communications’ security industry liaison, Steve Surfaro works with industry associations such as ASIS, BICSI, SIA and NBFAA/ESA and is involved in standards initiatives such as ONVIF. Mr. Surfaro was also instrumental in developing the AXIS video hosting system (AVHS) program, which provides video monitoring as an Internet service. Mr. Surfaro is a frequent speaker at industry events, including ISC, ASIS, BICSI and international security events. He is Vice Chair of the ASIS Physical Security Council and speaks regularly at their workshops.

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