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Denver 2017 Classroom Programs

facility-security-design-TW2.png Crisis Management Program Planning and Crisis Plan Development

10-13 July 2017

Failing to Plan = Planning to Fail

Organizations face a range of harsh realities, from cyberattacks to workplace violence, insider threats to a public health emergency, or tornados to terrorist acts. Is your organization prepared for the worst? And if the worst happens, would your business recover?

Today more than ever, a comprehensive crisis management program is your best defense to ensure your organization's survival and recovery from a crisis. Our expert faculty will prepare attendees to perform a risk assessment; develop and maintain a written crisis plan; and put that plan into action to increase organizational resilience in the face of disaster.

Just announced! An exclusive tour of the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, not open to the public, will provide an inside look at select facilities within the complex and an overview of the operations.

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facility-security-design-TW2.png Assets Protection Course™: Functional Management APC III

10-13 July 2017

​Unleash Your Leadership Potential

The highly interactive structure of APC III is designed using the same format as leading graduate business schools. This program develops leadership styles within the framework of the security industry using a dynamic combination of lecture, case study review, and lively group discussion to apply theoretical business concepts to security scenarios and the office environment.

In this course, you will learn how to use practical applications, templates, and assessments presented in class—all designed to enhance your ability to be seen as a leader in your organization.

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facility-security-design-TW2.pngFacility Security Design

10-12 July 2017

Use your security dollars wisely!

A cost-effective, fully-functional facility security system design is the foundation of your organization’s protection and loss control program.

​Integrating multiple security systems in a layered effect—including CPTED and architectural security, critical infrastructure protection, building designs, interior/exterior layout, intrusion detection systems, structural barriers, access controls, communications, and CCTV assessment—contributes to the protection of assets as well as the control and reduction of losses.            

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